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Marina Summers wins ‘Rusical’ episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race

by Deanna Macaranas

MARINA Summers has done it again! 

In the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. The World—the competitors composed their own verses for “Seven: Confessions of a Drag Queen,” a spin-off version of the British musical comedy ‘Six.’ 

In the runway category for ‘When I Glow Up,” Marina elevated her ‘Terno She Better Don’t Look’ from the first episode of Drag Race Philippines. 

“Terno is a national costume in the Philippines and this is a modern take inspired by the national fish, which is milkfish,” Marina said.  

After doing her performance on stage, Marina Summers was later applauded by American Drag Queen RuPaul herself.  

From there, RuPaul told Marina on how she is born to be in stage and on she is born to do drag. 

“Marina Summers, you were born to be on stage. You were born to do drag. You have represented not only the Philippines but drag in such a way that it makes us all proud for you.” 

RuPauls statement to Marina later turned Marina emotional—to which she later stated that the this is such a dream come true for her. 

“This is such a dream come true to me and I hope I made the Philippines proud with that performance because we don’t get this opportunity a lot back in the Philippines to be seen on an international level so being here means so much to me, and yes, this is Filipino drag, and I’m very very proud to present it here internationally.” Marina said. 

Marina Summers later shared her excitement on an X post to where she wrote, “RuPaul clapped and said WOW.” 

Her X post had later garnered positive comments amongst her fans with one saying “Right from there I knew you’re going to win. The lip sync cemented your triumph today!” 

Upon watching the latest episode—supporters of Marina Summers had later flood X (formerly Twitter). 

A support of Marina wrote on X that Marina deserves all the praises and recognitions that she’s getting. 

Another supporters of Marina had wrote on X on how she’s making her fans proud of her. 

Upon getting a stamp of approval from RuPaul herself, Marina later expressed her excitement on her official X account. On the post, she later announced that her new single ‘BORN TO DO DRAG,’ is available to stream on all platforms. 

Marina Summers first made her appearance in the second season of ‘Drag Race UK vs. The World’ along with her iconic line, “It’s time to give these colonizers the chop,” while unseathing her sword. 

It wasn’t Marina’s first time winning the talent show as she first claimed her victory after winning ‘Drag Race UK vs. The World’ with her ‘AMAFILIPINA’ performance with her own version of  Maymay Entrata’s “Amakabogera.”   



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