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Love Sonny Angels? Here are other toys to get for your inner child 

by Joyce Remo

Filipinos are undeniably obsessed with collecting toys. This is evident from their bulk collections of items that range from the giant bobbleheads Funko Pops with oversized eyes to the fan-favorite Pokemon cards.

This is also why it didn’t come as a surprise when many Filipinos, especially Generation Zs and younger Millennials, couldn’t wait to get their hands on Sonny Angels when they were first released in the country.

Courtesy: Sonny Angel’s official website

Because of their cuteness and popularity, these toys that are also called “little boyfriends” get sold out almost instantly, thanks to their dedicated patrons.

While waiting for Sonny Angels to be restocked in your local toy shops, here are four other figurines you can add to your adorable toy collection.


Courtesy: Smiski’s official website

These tiny, bald, and genderless figurines called Smiskis are curious little creatures who mimic people’s daily lives.

Smiskis come in a series of designs where they are posed while doing certain actions related to various activities and interests, including exercise, dressing, work, museums, cheering, yoga, being in bed, and having a bath. 

These glow in the dark collectibles can be a charming room decoration and are said to bring joy and luck to their surroundings.


so excited to add more of the exercise series to my collection, thanks to @ailene ´・ᴗ・` ♡ for fueling my addiction 🫶🏽 #smiski #blindbox #smiskifigures #smiskiusa #smiskicollection #blindboxdisplaycase

♬ original sound – Walking L


Courtesy: The Toy Chronicle

Hirono is a boy figurine designed by a Beijing-based artist named Lang in collaboration with Pop Mart.

According to its short blurb on Instagram, Hirono is a child who desires to explore the world with his sense of curiosity and courageous nature.

Currently, this collection has three series: Hirono: The Other One, Hirono: Little Mischief, and Hirono: City of Mercy.


hirono the other one full set ❥ my absolute favorite blind box series. im so happy that i was able to pick up this collection from the lovely @kocho 💝 tysm again im so freaking happy! #hirono #unboxing #blindbox #hironotheotherone #popmart #popmartunboxing #blindboxunboxing #blindboxfigure #fyp #akatuskinoleia

♬ original sound – ✯ 𝓁ℯ𝒾𝒶 ✯


Courtesy: eBay

Zsiga is a grumpy-looking figurine that comes dressed in various outfits.

Zsiga is a child born with thorns on the back of her head to protect her from danger. 

Despite her rebellious nature, Zsiga remains tender and childish from the inside.

This Pop Mart product has two series under its brand, which are the We’re So Cute and Walking Into The Forest series.


i’m in love w this series😫😫😫 #fyp #popmart #zsiga

♬ blue hair – ☆


Courtesy: The Toy Chronicle

Based on Greek mythology’s sun god Helios, LiLiOS possesses a lucid imagination and curiosity, resembling a warm and radiant sun.

He uses these traits as he travels the world while wearing his  precious pair of sunglasses.

LiLiOS currently has two series — the City Wild Boy and the Three, Two, One! Happy Chinese New Year Blind Box Series.


Unboxing Popmart’s Lilios City Wild Boy 🥹 been really looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint!! #popmart #lilios #silenttrick #mspring #blindbox #unboxing #blindboxunboxing #blindboxopening #toycollector

♬ A Day in My Life – Soft boy


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