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LOOK: These Movie Lines Live In Our Lives

by Athena Yap

Have you ever just unconsciously said some movie lines in any scenario of your daily life?

What’s funny is that some iconic movie lines become more remarkable because of the memes going around the social media.

FYI(For Your Information), memes are humorous images, videos, texts that are copied from movies, viral posts, and in whatever form that have gone relatable, timeless that even years have passed, it would never be out of people’s lives and simply just become part of our language.

Apart from that, Filipinos have natural wit which made several local iconic movie scenes a meme-worthy.

Perhaps, you have already used or seen as a meme one of these lines we’ve collected below

Bea Alonzo as Bobby in “Four Sisters and A Wedding” (2013)

“Bakit kasalanan ko? Parang kasalanan ko?”

Well, you’ve pretty much seen this scene even if you haven’t watched the whole movie yet, but just the thought of the line made it so relatable to a lot of people especially when there are instances that they are being blamed for something they did not do. Right? 

It is definitely all over social media. If you open the GIF options on messenger, viber, twitter and instagram, it’s there, ready to use as a reply to someone you’re chatting with. 

Although the line was supposed to be emotional, it has become a meme-worthy phrase for the audiences.

In fact, there are a lot of parodies online about that iconic movie line.

Angelica Panganiban as Stefanie in “Beauty in a Bottle” (2014)

“Kem bak to de young en byutipul you”

For some reasons, Angelica’s performance in this film appears natural, humorous and unforgettable. 

Fans actually love to dub it on Tiktok, in which one of the popular content creators reached over 150 thousand just by dubbing the line of Angelica from the said film.

Liza Soberano as Calista in “My Ex and Whys” (2017)

“Pangit ba ako? Kapalit palit ba ako? Then Why!?”


Ladies, it’s our time! 

This line is usually most relatable to girls who sometimes feel the same. Of course, there are really days where we can’t help but feel insecure or probably just question how easy it is for the ex to shift from one to another. 

Other than that, the line was also translated to different meanings on the memes that have circulated online, which still relates to many people.

The dialogue came from a dramatic scene, however, netizens online have made a way to lighten the mood of the film.

Ruffa Mae Quinto as Doris in “Status: Single” (2009)

“Tanggap ko na, Jane, Wanda… na talagang wala na akong lalakeng makikita, tanggap ko na na magiging mag-isa nalang ako sa buhay”

Awww. Don’t be too harsh on yourself!

But really, this line is totally relatable to all the singles out there. The whole movie itself is a comedy, but this dialogue of Ruffa is what made the movie even more remarkable.

Ruffa, as a natural comedienne, genuinely gave her best in this film. 

Jennylyn Mercado as Tere in “English Only, Please” (2014)

“Oo na, ako na! Ako na (ang) mag-isa!”

What’s funny about this film is that the scenario is coming from a jeep terminal scenario where the barker is looking for only one person to complete the ride, and there goes Tere (Jennylyn) guilty about being alone. It’s really the triggered face of Jen that made it so much more remarkable.

When people use this line, it’s as if being single is slapped in the face. 



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