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Liza Soberano prepares to join Korean entertainment

by Deanna Macaranas

Recently updated on September 27, 2023 06:06 pm

LIZA Soberano could be the next K-drama star!  

Courtesy: instagram.com / @lizasoberano 

Soberano is dreaming of joining the Korean entertainment industry, and is taking her Korean language lessons seriously. 

Soberano told pep.ph in an interview that she is able to speak a bit of Korean due to her frequent trips to South Korea. But she is also taking lessons to improve her skill in the language and open up more opportunities for her in its entertainment industry. 

“I’m really taking it seriously because honestly, I am,” she said in the pep.ph interview. 

“Of course, I feel like it’s any actor’s dream to be in a K-drama or be in a movie here in Korea,” she added. 

Soberano, who is also an avowed K-pop fan, recently immersed herself in the country known as the Land of the Morning Calm when she filmed her Liza in Korea travel show.

In the show, she visits interesting places around the country, explores its culture, and gets to meet its celebrities. 

Liza in Korea has already released two episodes. 

In the first one, Soberano spent time with Korean TikToker star Won Jeong, who is widely known for his catchphrase “Mama!” 

Won Jeong, who has 55.9 million TikTok followers, is the second most followed personality in South Korea, after BTS. 

Soberano and Won Jeong did some TikTok challenges and chatted about his fame. 

In the second episode, Soberano put on a school uniform which she later wore to visit Lotte World, a theme park frequently featured in Korean dramas. 

Korea as the new Hollywood?

In her interview with pep.ph, Soberano also shared her view that Korea will be the new Hollywood due to its growing influence. 

“I personally consider Korea to be the next Hollywood or if not already the new Hollywood. They’re making so much noise in entertainment,”  she said. 

She also said she has met a lot of production companies and agencies that have taken an interest in her, but she was told to come back to them once she is able to speak Korean fluently.  

“Of course, it’s an honor to be part of that, and my only downfall is I can’t speak Korean fluently,” she said. 



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