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Lessons from  ‘My Teacher’

by Athena Yap

AFTER so many years, actress Toni Gonzaga and TV host Joey de Leon were reunited through the Metro Manila Film Festival entry “My Teacher.”

Both were known  for their craft—acting and hosting. Joey de Leon, for his comedic punchlines in the movies he have done a decade ago and as well as his hosting at GMA’s noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” Toni Gonzaga, for her comedy-drama films.

In this film, Toni Gonzaga plays the role of Emma Bonifacio who is a teacher. Joey de Leon plays Solomon Bienes, a student.

Return of the native

It revolves around Emma Bonifacio who was forced to go back to her hometown from teaching abroad. When she came back, she couldn’t help remembering all her childhood traumas caused by her late father. She applied to work at a school where her long-time best friend was teaching. Emma was given a challenge to pass the grades of the worst section in the school. 

When Bienes, a more than 70-year-old student, her traumas flashed back and got triggered. He was her father’s friend.

Bienes is among her students, his purpose of learning English is to catch up with his family abroad who have left him a long time ago.

Film tackles social issues

Students can learn lessons on how to balance their academic life and hobbies such as sport and work.

It tackles gay issues, too. The LGBTQ community would be glad to know the movie talked about “coming out” that doing so does not mean that you are less of a person.

What’s more heartwarming about the film is that it teaches the viewers that a Christmas gift is not just about receiving or giving presents but also in forgiving and finding peace in your heart.

Breaking the Stigma

Here, it also shows that every student (or anyone for that matter) has struggles inside. That bullying should never be tolerated no matter how someone may appear in class. 

If one of the classmates has a job outside of school that may not appear appropriate, it is best to just respect that individual.

The film hits differently especially for the teachers who are very passionate in their craft of teaching and who love their students dearly. It could also strike those individuals who have been longing for someone they can no longer reunite with. 

Last year, Gonzaga was also part of the 47th MMFF entry titled “The Exorsis” with her vlogger sister Alex Gonzaga.

Banner courtesy of YouTube: TEN17 Trailer for “My Teacher”



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