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Ka Luring Franco: A Saint in the making

by Bryan Gadingan

THE Dioceses of Pasig City has already begun a campaign for the Beatification and Canonization of Laureana “Ka Luring” Franco, a Filipina catechist from the city who is reported to have performed two miracles.

On February 24, 2024, the Bishop of Pasig, Most Rev. Mylo Hubert Vergara, issued a letter declaring the beginning of the procedure for the cause of sainthood of the local catechist.

“The Dioceses of Pasig is proposing a candidate for sainthood in the person of the servant of God, Laureana ‘Ka Luring’ Franco of Hagonoy, Taguig City,” Vergara wrote in a post on Facebook.

The letter also encouraged other Pasig City faithful to help enhance their campaign by supplying information about “Ka Luring’s” activities and life.

“With this circular letter, I invite all the people of God in the Diocese of Pasig to participate in the tedious process of bringing to light the life and heroic virtues of a legendary catechist to sainthood.”

Who is Ka Luring?

“Ka Luring” Franco was born on July 4, 1936, and died on October 17, 2011 from ovarian cancer. She spent her entire life serving the Catholic Church. 

Photo Courtesy: @Ka Luring Franco | Facebook

She spent much of her life as a catechist in the Philippines. She is regarded as a saintly and faithful woman who turned down a well-paying job to become a volunteer catechist.

Franco resigned her work as a telephone switchboard operator and clerk at the Philippine Air Force in 1969 to focus on free catechism instruction while also assisting persons in need in her community.

On the proposal of the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, “Ka Luring” received the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice from Saint John Paul II, one of the highest awards bestowed by the Pope, on April 1, 1990 for her work as a lay catechist.

In 2002, she also received the Mother Teresa Award. This honor is bestowed for those who are renowned to support peace, equality, and social justice. She received a half-million for her prize, but she promptly donated it to those in need.

In an interview with GMA News, several of the faithful who worked with her offered heartwarming stories about her kindness and why they believe the cause for her Sainthood is valid.

“Kapag inaaya ko kumain, hindi kakain. Ang gagawin niya, hihiwa ng tinapay, papalamanan at ibabalot,” stated one of the respondents who witnessed her kindhearted demeanor.

“Sabi niya, dadalhin ko dun sa mga ano, dun sa mga pupuntahan ko’t bibisitahin ko na may sakit at mahihirap,” she went on to say.

Two people have reported seeing miracles after praying at “Ka Luring’s” grave. However, these stories have yet to be validated.

“It happened in the United Kingdom. Car accident. Automatically, induced coma yung tao,” stated Erickson Javier, the postulator of the Diocese of Pasig.

“Tinawag ‘yung kamag-anak nila from Taguig, who happens to be a friend of Ka Luring. They visited the tomb, and prayed. And then after 10 days, gumising.”

Another is a Pasig resident who experienced a heart attack.

If “Ka Luring” becomes a Saint, she will be the third Saint of Filipino descent. The two were St. Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila, the first Filipino saint, and St. Pedro Calungsod of Cebu.

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