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Jamie Miller aims to bring ‘hope’ in new EP ‘The Things I Left Unsaid’

by Joanna Deala

EVERYONE goes through tough times in their lives, but Welsh singer-songwriter Jamie Miller wants to remind them that it doesn’t last forever and everything will be okay soon.

This is the message he wants to convey through his new extended play (EP) The Things I Left Unsaid, set to be released on October 4.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter, who is behind the hit Here’s Your Perfect, is in Manila for his first-ever fan meeting, held at the UP Town Center Activity Center in Quezon City on Saturday.

Miller described to republicasia that his second EP would be about him “finding” himself again and “not losing to dissociation” he felt last year.

“I went through a really tough time in my personal life last year that blended into my work life, so I needed to take a little bit of time off just to recalibrate in what I wanted to do and I think I lost sight of who Jamie was for a long time,” he said.

He did not detail the story, but the singer talked about losing someone.

“I think letting people go in my life was the main thing that I needed to focus on and I think that learning that people are just meant to be in your life for a chapter and not forever sometimes is key,” he shared.

While the forthcoming EP is expected to be a tear-jerker, Miller wants listeners to feel that there is hope during dark times.

“I think that it gets better and not every dark day lasts forever. Make sure you surround yourself with good people because I think this EP is like one thing that leads to hope in a way,” he said.

“It’s definitely sad, but by the end of the EP, you can see that I’m healing,” he added.

He also highlighted the importance of expressing one’s feelings, especially when things get heavy.

“It’s super important to express your feelings and that’s why I needed to take time off because I was bottling so many things up,” he said.

“My advice would be if you need help, tell a friend, tell a family member because your mind could get scary sometimes,” he added.

The Things I Left Unsaid is composed of six tracks, including Intro, No Matter What, Empty Room, Rooting For You, Maybe Next Time, and Only Place.

Maybe Next Time, No Matter What, and Empty Room have been released. Empty Room is the latest single he dropped, which he dedicates to his late nana.

“I wrote this song about not being able to say goodbye to my nana before she took her last breath. But over the last couple of weeks seeing how much it’s meant to all of you truly gave me so much love and that’s why I’m putting it out so thank you,” Miller wrote on X.

First fan meeting

Loud cheers and screams filled the mall’s Activity Center as Miller showed up on stage to meet his Filipino fans for the first time.

During the event, Miller was asked a few questions to get to know him more. One of the questions asked was if the singer could dance, which made the crowd chant P-pop superstar SB19’s hit GENTO

Apparently, fans knew that he could dance as he has already shared a video of him on social media, joining the GENTO dance challenge.

He also tried speaking a few Filipino words such as “pogi,” “mahal kita,” and the phrase “elibs ako sa inyo.”

Some fans were also lucky to have their messages read on stage by Miller himself. He personally thanked each of the fans that sent him messages of love and support.

Of course, the event won’t end without him serenading the crowd with his heavenly vocals and heart-tugging songs Maybe Next Time, Empty Room, and Here’s Your Perfect.

Miller said that his life changed forever with the release of Here’s Your Perfect. The 2021 single has now garnered over 300 million streams on Spotify, while its music video has over 157 million views on YouTube. 

Many netizens and artists were captivated by the song that pushed them to make a cover of Here’s Your Perfect. One of the artists who sang the track was SB19’s main vocalist Stell.

The crowd also got their first listen to the song Only Place, which has yet to be released.

Miller shared with republicasia that Only Place would be the song he would recommend the most to listeners, which would offer a “different side of Jamie.”

Miller said that it would be a breakup song about “a certain somebody that never thought they could treat me the way they wanted to and get away with it.”

“It’s my baby and it’s one of the songs where I can finally have fun,” he said.

The fan meeting ended with Miller taking photos with his fans for such a remarkable event.

More collaborations

Miller recently collaborated with OPM singer Moira dela Torre for the song Maybe Next Time. They performed the song together at the Wish Bus last Wednesday.

Now that he signed with Philippine talent management agency NYMA, Miller said that Filipino fans can expect more collaborations from him and other artists.

“There might be a few collaborations coming up and I’m excited to come back and do some shows. Just having an amazing team who help me to get to do as much stuff out here is surely exciting,” he said.

Having a concert in the country is also a possibility, Miller said.

“If you guys will have me back, I will definitely be here performing as soon as I can,” he said.



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