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In-demand freelance jobs for Pinoys

by Kiko Cueto

Are you a freelancer? Or simply want an additional job for extra income?

Side-hustles are a must nowadays as many professionals and skilled workers taking freelancing especially at the height of the pandemic.

Some even turned to full time freelancing as they were able to set their own work hours and set their own rates. 

Among the Filipino freelancers, the top jobs are in design, programming, and data entry skills.

Virtual assistants are also said to be largely due to the Filipinos’ English skills.

“Design is our popular skill, followed by programming, which you know a lot of the employers are shifting towards the freelancing market to get these on-demand projects completed, rather than focusing on full-time employment and contract work,” according to a Freelancer global manager for managed services Cohen Wisniewski in an interview with ABS-CBN

Likewise, Wisniewski said that some 2 million of their platform’s with 70 million users coming from the Philippines.

He also said that a lot of freelancers had already signed with their platform.

This is mainly due to the economic struggles caused by inflation or the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns.

“We’re seeing a lot of freelancers sign up in recent to kind of supplement their work or actually move to full-time freelancing as their main source of income,” he said. 



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