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Ice Seguerra on Spencer Reyes’ comeback: ‘I’m happy you’re here’ 

by Izel Abanilla

They’re back together. 

Streetboys member and former ‘90s teen star Spencer Reyes reunited with his former love team partner Ice Seguerra (formerly Aiza Seguerra) seven years since he last returned home from Scotland. 

The reunion was made part of GMA Public Affairs’ Christmas in Our Hearts special aired on Youtube Friday (December 16) where Reyes’ life as an Overseas Filipino Worker was featured and his homecoming after not seeing his family for years. 

And so as a gift this Christmas, he was given a kingly treat. This time, the bus driver becomes the passenger. 

He roamed around the city on board a tour bus while recalling his early days in showbiz. Of course his career would not be complete without the mention of his team-up with the former child star. 

Image: Screen grabbed from GMA Public Affairs’ “Christmas in Our Hearts” special on YouTube

“Parang bumalik sa akin yung ‘90s na ito—taping, camera, lights, he said. 

“Ang ano ko nun sa Eat Bulaga!, si Aiza. Love team kami nun, lagi akong sinisiko nun,” he added. 

Little did he know that a surprise was waiting for him.

A choir on standby sang the Jose Mari Chan generational hit “Christmas In Our Hearts” as he was approaching to which he asked, “ba’t may choir?” 

And as the chorus approached, the choir split from the middle and lo and behold, Seguerra showed up and with open arms, sang and welcomed back his old friend. 

Reyes’ face lit up and wasn’t able to hold his tears especially when they hugged each other tight. 

“Welcome home, bro. I’m happy you’re here,” Seguerra said. 

With the celebrity treatment he’s been given on top of seeing his former love team partner once again, Reyes said he could not help but reminisce the old times. 

“Nakita ko ‘yung family ko, nakita kita parang bumalik lahat ‘yung mga nangyari nu’ng ‘90s kasi ginive-up ko lahat,” Reyes answered. 

On Seguerra’s part, he, too, was ecstatic about the reunion. 

“Of course actually nung sinabi nila sa’kin to I readily said yes kasi it’s been a long time mula nung nagkita tayo and I’m happy you’re back,” Seguerra told Reyes. 

Reyes and Seguerra’s screen chemistry were first tested via the defunct ‘90s sitcom ‘Okay Ka Fairy Ko.” 

They then went on to frequent television guestings. They also did movies, among those was the 1997 movie “Computer Kombat.” 

Image: Screen grabbed from GMA Public Affairs’ “Christmas in Our Hearts” special on YouTube



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