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How to get rid of bad luck this Ghost Month 

by Izel Abanilla

MORE than the legend about the gates of hell opening up and setting ghosts free to roam in the living world, Ghost Month is feared more for the potential bad luck it can bring to people, along with the endless superstitions and taboos gaining strength during this time of year. 

In Chinese tradition, Ghost Month is observed every seventh month of the lunar calendar, which usually falls in August. This year, it runs from August 16 until September 14. 

Chinese folklore has it that restless spirits are given a one-month parole to enjoy themselves and eat. These ghosts are then believed to bring with them bad luck, which can affect business, health, love, and friendship. Some say that at this time, when ghosts are hungry for food, they can also cause accidents, serious health problems, or deaths.


Feng Shui expert Master Joy Ang said one of the most common no-nos during Ghost Month is lurking around outside, especially alone, at night. This is because this kind of situation attracts spirits, which can cause harm to the person. 

“Huwag siya basta-bastang lumingon or sumagot. Kasi minsan, ang kasabihan bigla na lang silang lalapitan ng mga spirit ganyan,” Ang told republicasia

Another must-not-do during Ghost Month, according to Ang, is swimming.

“So ‘pagdating ng Chinese Ghost Month, ‘pag nag-swimming, ‘yung mga iba parang kinukuha nila ‘yung parang scapegoat,” he added. 

In cases where you see random objects on the ground, like a wallet or money, that look enticing to pick up and keep, simply disregard them to prevent spirits from finding a way to get to you. 

“Kunyari ‘pag lumabas ka then may makita kang gamit sa mga kalsada. Kunwari sabihin natin ampao or mga coins, or ‘yung unusual na mga gamit don na pwede pang-akit,” he said. 

”Merong mga iba kasi ‘pag kumuha ka raw non is pwede ka nilang puntahan through do’n sa gamit,” he added. 

Ang also warned against renovating or transferring homes during Ghost Month. 

“Tapos bawal din mga.. ‘yon kunwari pagdating ng Ghost Month bawal sa mga renovation, magpatayo ng bahay. Then kunwari lilipat ka ng bahay bawal din,” he said. 

Ang advised against pushing for a wedding, breaking up, or even starting a relationship during Ghost Month because the energy that surrounds such decisions can be attractive to spirits. 

“Kasi mostly kapag emosyonal ka, sobrang down ka or sobrang stress ka, mas malaki ang chance na lapitan ka ng mga spirit eh, lalo na ang mga dark spirit or mga bad spirit. Lalapitan ka talaga nila kapag sobrang down kaya dapat pagdating ng Ghost Month iwasan yung mga stress, mga breakup,” he said. 

How to beat bad luck 

But there are, in fact, ways to ward off bad luck. 

One way to do this is to wear ‘’happy colors,’’ Ang said.

“Mostly kasi ang iba sinasabi ko na pagdating ng Ghost Month magsuot sila ng mga pula or mga happy color para maiwasan,” Ang said. 

For Catholics, strengthening the faith through prayers and wearing religious items could add to one’s protection. 

“Then kunwari kung Catholic, pwede din sila magsuot ng rosary or mga sabihin natin, ‘yung mga charm pwedeng pang-protection sa sarili,” he said. 



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