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Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, BTS among record-breaking artists of 2022

by Joyce Remo

THE Guinness World Records recently named the iconic music artists who broke records in 2022.

Guinness listed three music artists who achieved new record titles this year, namely 11-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift, “King of Pop” Harry Styles, and Kpop superstar BTS.

Here are the records these artists attained this year.

Taylor Swift

The country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift is not new to breaking records. But it seems like the singer-songwriter is not planning to stop releasing chart busting songs anytime soon.

With her latest album Midnights, she smashed three records, such as “Most streamed album on Spotify in 24 hours” (184.6 million streams), “Most day-one streams of an album on Spotify” (184.6 million streams), and “Most streamed act on Spotify in 24 hours” (228 million streams).

Released on October 21, Swift’s 10th album gained more than 153.4 million streams in less than ten hours, and received over  30 million more streams before the end of the day.

Swift’s older tracks Blank Space and Cruel Summer gain more than one million streams per day, “adding an additional 9.6 million streams to Taylor’s already impressive 24-hour total and making her the newest record holder for the most streamed act on Spotify in 24 hours.”

Photo courtesy: Taylor Nation on Instagram

Harry Styles

With the release of Harry Styles’ second studio album Harry’s House, the former One Direction member and Grammy-winner crushed records with carrier single As It Was.

The streams of the song skyrocketed on its first day, earning the world record “Most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours (male)”.

As It Was chart-topped in 34 countries, with 8.3 million streamers in the USA and 1,247,683 streams in the UK.

It also stayed No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 15 weeks, a record that has only been achieved by three other songs, according to Guinness

Photo courtesy: Harry Styles on Instagram


Korean boy group Bangtan Sonyeondan, commonly known as BTS, snatched three world records in 2022 alone with the help of its dedicated fandom called BTS Army.

Aside from receiving its Favorite Music Group recognition at the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, the internationally-acclaimed group also secured records including “Most followers on Instagram for a music group,” “Most followers on Twitter for a music group,” and “Most followers on TikTok for a music group.”

BTS gained an impressive following count that reached 44,167,059 on Twitter, 60,151,959 on Instagram as of February 22 this year, and 49 million on TikTok as of April 14 this year, as per Guinness.

Photo courtesy: BTS on Twitter



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