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Gen Zs’ Favorite Places in Tokyo

by RepublicAsia

THE dry season has finally arrived. The days are longer, the nights are shorter, and the sun shines as we feel that summer heat. It is also a time when people decide to travel, with some of them choosing to swim and surf at the beach. 

Meanwhile, others prefer to escape the summer heat by going to places with cooler weather, and one place they have in mind is Japan.

Japan, also known as the land of the rising sun, has become a popular travel destination in the last few months. Many Filipinos flew to the country for Christmas break and to attend the headline-making Eras Tour of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift in February.

But why is Japan a popular destination for Filipino tourists?

Well, it’s because it only takes a four to five-hour plane ride from the Philippines to Japan, which is convenient for travelers. Another reason is its weather conditions that make visitors feel very comfortable. In case you didn’t know, there is also a five-year tourism cooperation deal between Japan and the Philippines which aims to expand tourism development of both countries.

Several Gen Zs have also shown their love and interest in Japanese culture. They love delicious food, anime, and shopping. There are also many great places to explore in the country and here some of them that you might want to add in your itinerary for your Japan visit:

Photo Courtesy: Felisa Zanita D. Aquino


Gen Zs love exploring Shibuya’s busy and colorful district, which features many amazing shops and restaurants.

Liza, who recently traveled to Japan, said that this is one of her favorite places to shop. 

One well-known shop here is Mega Don Quijote, a whole building dedicated to the store Don Quijote. It sells various items such as cosplay costumes, makeup, and candy. But don’t worry about the prices because these items are more affordable and offer tax-free payments, which you can get on the top floor. 

Shibuya is also a place for fashion enthusiasts as they can find a lot of clothing stores in the area where they can buy Japanese-style clothing.

There is also a building called Tower Records, where music lovers can buy their favorite albums. K-pop fans can have lucky draws when a new album drops.

For foodies out there, there is a popular restaurant in the area called Ikinari, which sells delicious sizzling steak. There is also a Katsu place called Gyukatsu Motomura, where you cook your meat on a small stone grill disguised as a cute decoration. 

Photo Courtesy: Brigitta Feliza R. Aquino


Another favorite place in Japan for Gen Zs is Harajuku, or the center of youth culture. It is known as the anime street since different shops sell anime merchandise and costumes. There is also a big capsule store near the front of the main street. 

One place in the area called Harajuku Alta that sells Gen Z-style clothes and capsules. The third floor of the store is reserved for themed cafés such as “&TEAM’s Sweet Dreams,” which became available until February 2024. 

There is also a Sanrio store towards the back of the main street for Sanrio fans, but they can also buy Sanrio merchandise in surrounding stores. 

The street also features a photo booth where you can capture memories with your family and friends. There’s also an option for solo travelers to take pictures with their favorite K-pop idols like Enhypen, The Boyz, and Le Sserafim.

Harajuku is also one of the places in Japan where Liza likes to explore and do shopping. 


This place is another favorite destination, especially for anime lovers. Akihabara is filled with anime-inspired cafés where people can read their favorite manga or surf the internet. There are also cafés where the servers dress up like maids or anime characters. 

Nicki, a long-time fan of Japanese culture, would like to visit the place to shop for different merchandise like Sanrio, Chikawa, and other cute characters. 

Aside from anime, Japan is also known for its advanced technologies and Akihabara is where some of the largest electronics retailers are located. These retailers sell the newest computers, cell phones, cameras, and more. 

There are many other places to shop in Japan such as Ginza, which has buildings dedicated to a single shop, while Tsukiji offers the best sushi and wagyu in town. 

Yet, we must remember that Japan has a lot of walking and waiting in line, which is why Liza advised travelers to best plan their trips a day before. She also suggested researching these places because most of them are famous for a reason. 

With reports from Brigitta Feliza R. Aquino


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