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Gen Z as Outfit Repeater

by RepublicAsia

TODAY’S generation is very different from the past. Since the outbreak of various popular trends, people seem to be changing as well. Generation Z is a very beautiful yet difficult generation. People keep on judging you if they don’t like anything that you have. 

Just like wearing clothes that are very popular today, Gen Zs are very particular with their looks, keeping up with the trends, and searching for the newest dress fashion. Seeing others dress up in cheap clothes and not keeping up with the trend becomes a big deal. How much more for the outfit repeaters? Why does repeating outfits become a big deal for others?

Big deal or not?

There are people who sometimes depend on others because they are afraid of being judged and hearing negative comments. However, there are some who have strong personalities and know how to handle things on their own.

“I definitely experienced being discriminated against for wearing repeated outfits. But as a confident woman, I don’t really make it a big deal since I’m truly an outfit repeater. As long as I’m seeing that their outfits are repeated too, nothing makes us different, and as long as the outfit is mine and not borrowed/stolen, I will still feel confident,” said Quenshell, a 21-year-old student.

“Repeating outfits may be a big deal to others, but definitely not for me,” she added.

Being called an Outfit Repeater

People might have different tastes in clothing. There are some who want to impress people or be called classy and aesthetic. But there are some who repeat outfits as long as it gives them confidence.

21-year-old Eunice, who is very passionate about wearing clothes, states “I really have taste in clothing, not wearing cheap dresses or outfits. I love to collect different styles of clothes. But even though I have a lot of clothes to wear, I still repeat my outfits. It is the confidence that matters,” she recalled.

Eunice then added, “Nakaranas ako mabully nung highschool dahil sa pag-uulit ng damit dahil hindi pa ako masyadong marunong mag style noon.”

Reflecting on her experience, she pointed out that repeating an outfit is not a choice. People repeat outfits because they are the only ones available from all the clothes they have, so even though they want to wear something new but the resources are not available, they have no choice but to repeat their outfits. 

A slice of advice

There is no limitation to wearing anything as long as you are comfortable, respectful, and confident.

The 21-year-old Irish shared, “It is important to always believe in yourself. Be confident and don’t pay attention to what others say or think of you.”

Clothes are meant to be bought and worn. Not thrown away after one use. Everyone is dressing up for themselves, not for others. Repeat your outfits, but always make it look like it’s the first time you wear it.

With reports from Danica Llante



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