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Filipinos lead the world in video content watching – report

by Kiko Cueto

FILIPINOS are more glued to their handheld sets or just any type of device that lets them watch online video in the entire world, a Digital 2024 Global Overview Report said.

According to the report, the Philippines has the highest number of internet users who watch online video content globally.

It said that some 97.2% of Filipinos who are aged 16 to 64 constantly watch any type of video each week.

This is based on the report that was put together by We Are Social, along with the media intelligence company Meltwater.

Likewise, the said findings in the survey were made by the audience research company GWI during the third quarter of 2023.

According to the We Are Social and Meltwater report, the Philippines was followed by the following countries with the highest percentage of online video watchers:

  • Mexico – 97.0%
  • South Africa – 97.0%
  • Indonesia – 96.9%
  • Ghana – 96.8%
  • Brazil – 96.4%
  • Colombia – 96.3%
  • Morocco – 96.2%
  • Turkey – 96.2%
  • UAE – 96.2%

Also, the Philippines was ranked third when it comes to daily time spent using the internet, with 8 hours and 52 minutes.

Leading the pack is South Africa with 9 hours and 24 minutes and Brazil with 9 hours and 13 minutes.

The apps YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, Hotstar, and MX Player are said to be the most-used video-centric entertainment apps on mobile phones globally.

According to the We Are Social and Meltwater report, this is based on the September–November 2023 data from Data AI Intelligence.

Also, the Digital 2024 report said that media users have passed the 5 billion mark. It is said to have seen user growth of above 5%. 

But overall, digital growth has slowed down.

“But this is to be expected as internet users reach ‘supermajority’,” the report said.

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