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Filipino celebrities who saved themselves until marriage

by Izel Abanilla

YES, they still exist. 

They look hot,  by that we mean pretty, sexy, but they still  believe that the best gift anyone can ever give to their future husbands or wives would be their purest selves. 

Let’s take a rundown of some of the celebrities who have openly shared about choosing to stay a virgin until marriage. 

  1. Nikki Gil 

With her personality and conviction, it isn’t at all too surprising that singer and former actress Nikki Gil was a certified virgin bride. However, her choice which she openly made public gained mixed reactions from the public. 

It can be remembered that before her relationship with her now husband BJ Albert, she was famously in a long-term romance with international singer Billy Crawford, who is known for having a colorful history with women. 

Seen by many as the perfect couple, a lot of people, especially young women looked up to Gil for staying faithful to her conviction despite the temptation while others simply did not believe that she could hold it for that long. 

Hence, people immediately assumed that Crawford may have committed his alleged infidelity because of Gil’s strong stance against premarital sex. 

And so in an interview, she firmly answered her critics, “Nobody told me to stay a virgin, or because I’m a stuck-up prude na holy-holy. It’s my choice.”

She too once had a purity ring which served as her promise to herself that she will value and save herself for her wedding night. 

  1. Toni Gonzaga

Another icon of purity is singer-actress Toni Gonzaga. Apart from being a comedian and a TV host, she is also a favorite in speaking engagements discussing topics such as self-help, self-inspiration and self-love. 

Among the topics she passionately shares about is virginity. Just like her, her then boyfriend and now husband Paul Soriano too endured the same challenges. But love sure conquers all. Their years of repression ended on their wedding night and their story was seen by many as an inspiration who saw the beauty in waiting. 

“I take pride in myself na si Paul lang ang lalaki sa buhay ko,” she said in an interview. 

“’Puwede kang maglakad kahit saan, ‘Ako lang ang nakaano sa asawa ko,’” she added.

  1. Yeng Constantino

Singer Yeng Constantino once swore she was proud to be an 18-year-old virgin. Years on, she kept to her promise and remained a virgin until her wedding night. 

On several occasions in the past, Constantino had spoken about saving herself for her husband, and her husband only. 

Hence, she was quoted to have said, “There’s no premarital sex. Gano’n talaga.”

“No pre-marital sex, iyan ‘yung clear na, No to it. Kasi, we want to honor marriage.”

“Kasi, ‘diba, ang tagal-tagal kang prineserve ng mga magulang mo, nanay mo, papa mo. Lahat ng paggalit, pananakot para hindi ka lumabas ng bahay, pumarty, pero sa isang iglap, ‘It’s all gone.”

“Kasi naniniwala ako na once mag-move ka na in to physical intimacy sobrang magbabago na ‘yong relationship ‘nyo. It’s another level that you have to save, for me, that’s for me.” 

  1. Donna Cruz

She may be known as the ultimate ‘90s sweetheart, a former actress and a singer but not many know that Donna Cruz too was a proud virgin bride when she married her husband Yong Larrazabal. 

Now a mom to three kids, Cruz still looks very youthful and happy with the life she chose. 

  1. Megan Young

Miss World 2013 Megan Young had boldly stated her stance against premarital sex. 

For her, “Sex is for marriage, that is my belief.” 

“You just say no. If they try to push you, then you step away because you know that that person doesn’t value you, doesn’t value the relationship as much – and if the guy is willing, you know,  to sacrifice that, then that  means a lot.”

Now, she enjoys a blissful marriage to fellow Kapuso actor Mikael Daez. 

  1. Mariz Umali

Veteran Kapuso broadcast journalist Mariz Umali too shared the same belief. For her, “If we can’t wait for the right time, then I broke up with them.”

She is currently married to fellow Kapuso broadcast journalist Raffy Tima. 

  1. Jewel Mische 

Actress Jewel Mische had proudly shared that she and her husband have also promised not to engage in any sexual activity before their marriage. 

“Alister and I, first and foremost, we believe that sex is God’s wedding present.” 

“We believe that sexual intercourse or the physical and emotional union of two people should be a means of celebrating love, producing children and experiencing pleasure together protected by the commitment of marriage.” 

  1. Chris Tiu

Believe it or not, yes he was. 

Former UAAP superstar Chris Tiu married his longtime girlfriend, Clarisse Ong who was also his first and last in 2013. 

For him, “To me, it [chastity] is a manifestation of true love.”

“Love involves waiting and sacrificing. That would make your relationship and your marriage even more special.”



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