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Fake e-arrival pass link dupe travelers flying to PHL

by Malou Talosig-Bartolome

Editor’s note: The right link for the e-arrival pass is: https://onehealthpass.com.ph/OHP-NEW-DESIGN/Register.html

JAPAN-based professor Michael Angelo Cortez is a frequent traveller to and fro Manila. He was flying back to Manila this week, but this time, he was fuming for being conned online from what he thought was the government site for e-arrival pass.

“I already filled up the form and then I got an email that I need to pay USD$70,” Cortez told republicasia.

Cortez said he watched the Tiktok how-to-video of republicasia and realized he clicked the wrong site.

“Good thing I did not pay. But they got all my data! My full name, my address, my passport number, email address,” he said.

Yesterday, Senator Pia Cayetano also said her daughter was victimized by the scammer website www.ph-entryform.com.

Republicasia was able to take a screenshot of how rhe scammer website was able to dupe foreign tourists or Filipinos coming to the Philippines.

It turned out the scammer paid Google to put it on top of the search engine whenever people type “e-arrival card” or “e-arrival Philippines.”

Cortez shared screenshots of his application to www.ph-entryform.com and the email repeatedly sent to him as reminder to complete “final” stage his application. 

In her privilege speech, the lawmaker said the Department of Health has asked the National Bureau of Investigation and Google Philippines to investigate the site.

“I don’t know kung how many people ang naloko dito. But the reality is there is no payment required to secure this eArrival card. None, zero,” Cayetano said.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Joel Villanueva also cited other websites philippineshop.comentranceform-philippines.com, and philippines.form.com which allegedly pretended to be the now-defunct One Health Pass when it was still required as part of Covid-19 protocols during the early months this year.

The eArrival Card One  replaced the One Health Pass on November 1.

Kung titingnan niyo po, ito po ‘yung mga posible na iisipin mo na pupuntahan para magtanong kung ikaw ay pupunta o bibisita sa Pilipinas. These are fakes!” Villanueva said.

Villanueva referred the privilege speech of Sen. Cayetano to the Senate Committee on Justice for investigation in aid of legislation.

The right link for e-arrival pass is https://onehealthpass.com.ph/OHP-NEW-DESIGN/Register.html



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