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Dolly de Leon’s love for painting inspired by an ex

by Izel Abanilla

INTERNATIONALLY-acclaimed actress Dolly de Leon’s creativity goes beyond acting. She is a patroness of the arts.

Back in her younger years, she used to paint as a form of expression, inspired by an ill-fated young love. 

“When I was in my early 20’s I was very much into painting,” she said at the press conference of her advocacy project “Hulmahan.”

“Hulmahan” is an art-driven mutual aid funding initiative supporting community-based food, livelihood and art support programs. 

“I was never formally schooled. Never ako nag-aral. Pero ‘yun (painting) ang naging outlet ko sa frustration ko sa buhay kasi nu’ng bata ako nagususulat ako ng poetry… journaling. Nagsususulat ako ng stories. Maya-maya nagka jowa ako ng painter,” she shared. 

Apparently her then boyfriend had an entire painting arsenal that inspired her to play with her creativity. 

“Andami niya gamit sa bahay. Lagi siya nagpe-paint so one time sinubukan ko nag-enjoy ako at naging maganda siyang expression,” she said. 

However, like most love stories, they too broke-up and their separation eventually took away her interest in painting. 

“Thank you po, bye,” she jokingly said. 

“Pero ngayon, I would like to do it naghahanap lang ako ng tyempo at oras pero gusto ko talaga,” she added. 

After her impressive recognitions at various international award-giving bodies, she uses her amplified voice to raise awareness on causes that uplifts the art community. 

Dolly along with three more art advocates formed a group called Ladies Who Launch.

Teaming up with the Bayanihang Marikenyo at Marikenya and Up Artists’ Circle Fraternity, they headline project “Hulmahan.”

“Hulmahan” advocates making art out of old shoe molds from Marikina and sell them to raise funds for community-based programs. 

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Photo credit: Izel Abanilla



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