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Dog owner apologizes for abandoning sick dog 

by Deanna Macaranas

A DOG from Manila was abandoned by his owner due to its declining health and his story touched a lot of netizen’s hearts. 

On a Facebook post made by Loved by the Gapz – Animal Rescue Inc. they stepped in on rescuing Brownie after finding him in a parking lot in Tondo. A letter was stuck on his collar—with a note of Brownie’s previous owner apologizing as they could no longer sustain his medical needs. 

“Brownie, sorry kug iniwan kita. Sobrang hirap at sobrang sakit para sa ‘kin na gawin to. Sobrang mahal na mahal kita Brownie.” The owner wrote. “Hindi ko alam kanino hihingi ng tulong kaya sobrang sorry, Brownie.” 

The owner also had a message on the people who want to help Brownie–saying sorry, thank you, and hoping that he gets to be taken good care of properly. The owner also added that Brownie is a smart dog and clingy. Brownie knows how to sit and stay whenever being fed and even if he loves to go out, he also knows how to get home. 

The animal rescue shelter was based in San Mateo, Rizal but right after being informed by several social media users, they didn’t think twice about taking Brownie with them last January 24. Upon witnessing the condition of Brownie, they immediately took Brownie to Vetlink Services in Quezon City to get him checked.  

They later gave an update about Brownie’s situation last Thursday on where they shared the news on Facebook. The 3-year-old dog has a necrotizing wound on his private, but is not a TVT or cancer.

Brownie also tested negative on distemper virus but was tested positive with ‘Ehrlichia,’ a type of blood parasite.  

Upon the check-up, they also saw that Brownie had complications on his liver and kidneys. His platelet count is also low.  

The group also shared that Brownie’s owner went to the clinic where Brownie was currently confined. They are encouraging Brownie’s owner to visit him as he hasn’t been eating for a day.  

The animal shelter that rescued Brownie thanked the people who donated for the initial medical tests of Brownie. However, they are still asking for help as Brownie will remain in the vet for his confinement along with their other rescued animals.

The animal rescue shelter is also looking for a responsible adopter to adopt Brownie. 

To help the animal rescue center, netizens may donate at the following: 


Loved by the Gapz – Animal Rescue Inc.



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