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Debunking myths about mass comm students

by Deanna Macaranas

EVER wonder what it’s like to be a mass communication student? 

If you or someone you know is currently taking up a communication course, you’ve probably encountered one or two of these stereotypes about them. 

While some of these might have a kernel of truth, they don’t always apply to students. 

Keep on scrolling to see them all: 

Mass comm is all about speaking skills

There is no denying that mass communication studies involve a lot of speaking, and in general, students really do a lot of talking. 

“There is no doubt that speaking in mass communication is required, especially for us broadcasting students who have to enhance and improve our voice since many of us are aspiring to be news anchors,” said Eli Guiang, a freshman college student.

But there is more to this course than learning how to project your voice. 

Micha Vicera, also a broadcasting student, shared that photography and videography are also subjects that they have to excel in. 

Communication student Eunice Sullano said it’s important for them to hone their skills in writing as well. 

Taking up mass communication immediately makes you an extrovert

Communication subjects require students to work with others a lot and to speak before crowds. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that students are already outgoing or sociable just because they can deliver a speech up front. 

Eli said being a mass communication major does not mean that you need to be extroverted and to have a big and loud voice. 

Mass communication isn’t limited to speaking, she noted. 

There are students who prefer to be involved in writing or to work behind the scenes. 

It’s “MasKomportable” 

In terms of academics, when something is depicted to be hard, people would often think of courses that have to do with math and science. 

Because of this mentality, certain courses are often belittled, as people think those that do not involve a lot of math and science subjects are easy-peasy.

But that’s not always the case, because in reality, there is no such thing as easy when it comes to pursuing your dreams. 

Micha disagrees with the notion of mass communication being an easy major, because just like with other college majors, there are challenges that students have to overcome in order to excel. 

“It takes sacrifice and dedication to survive in the field that we chose,” she saId. 

Eli said mass communication students have to master a lot of skills, which is why this course should not be thought of as a walk in the park. 

“I believe people have this stereotype that mass communications is an easy course since we focus on speaking and as well as writing, which is only the tip of the iceberg,” she said.    

People assume that you’re unsure about your path in life 

Along with the “MasKomportable” misconception is the assumption that mass communication is a course students take when they are undecided about what to do with their life. 

Eunice would often hear the phrase, “Ah… so you’re undecided?” whenever she would tell people about what she is taking up. 

“The most common reaction that I have received is that it is an ‘easy’ course, or I am just wasting my academic year majoring in communications since according to them, the only job that I can have is being a call center agent,” she said. 

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being undecided or working in the call center industry. It’s just that these assumptions are just not it,” she added.

When she took up mass communication, she had definite plans, she said. 

“Majoring in communications can offer a lot more, and I do wish people could understand that,” she said. 



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