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Daniel Padilla, to concentrate on work and family over love

by Gaby Agbulos

ON February 12, actor Daniel Padilla renewed his contract with ABS-CBN at his “Forever Kapamilya Network Contract Signing” event. With him were his manager Luz Bagalacsa and his mother Karla Estrada.

The night was filled with people celebrating Padilla’s achievements: his films, his music, and his charitable acts, to name a few.

At the event, he showed love for ABS-CBN and his supportive fans who have continuously sent him positive messages that have helped him to learn new things.

Padilla hopes to focus on his work and spend time with his family and friends who have been by his side in the past months, allowing him to better appreciate his bond with them. 

He said, “Doon mo lang masasabi na legit pala ‘yon: na sa panahon ng madidilim, pamilya mo rin ang liwanag. Sila lang talaga.”

Padilla believes that it isn’t time for him to look for new love just yet. This statement comes only a few months after his split with former partner Kathryn Bernardo, whom he was with for 12 years.

“I want to enjoy life,” he said.

“‘Yun muna ang focus ko: work and family.” 

Padilla shared that the kind of love he’s searching for now is love for human nature. Instead of pursuing another relationship, he would rather work on himself and love himself first.

If there’s some advice he could give to fans, it would be to be true to themselves, which is what he’s done since entering the industry.

He firmly said that this – along with his dedication to the job and to his fans – has never changed.

Grateful for Kathryn

During his contract renewal, Padilla said that what happened in the past was a very humanizing moment for him. He also dedicated a few words to his ex-girlfriend at the end of the contract signing.

He said: “Maraming maraming salamat Kathryn sa ating maraming taon na pinagsamahan. Hinding hindi mawawala sa puso ko ang magaganda nating memories, at ating mga adventures at journeys na pinagsamahan.” 



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