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Year of the Wooden Dragon, a year of hope

by Deanna Macaranas

THE Chinese New Year had been widely welcomed by a lot of Filipinos in Binondo, Manila and upon witnessing the vibrant festival—there is no wonder why celebrating such an event is a wonderful experience for many. 

In a report by Manila Local Government, millions across the city celebrated the Year of the Wood Dragon. 

On the eve of Chinese New Year visit began flocking to the oldest Chinatown and from there the Binondo district was filled with lively crowds. 

Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor

Aside from having to welcome the Chinese New Year, the city is also celebrating the 430th anniversary of Chinatown. 

As the Chinese New Year continues its celebration within the Binondo district, climate campaigners held a march rally at the Filipino-Chinese friendship arch. 

The campaigners are seen to be carrying a giant “Ang Pao” as they call on China to lead in building 100% renewable solar and wind system in Asia. 

Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor

The group had also paraded around the bridge carrying a dragon prop. 

Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor

The night was concluded with a massive fireworks display at the Jones Bridge—which was witnessed by a lot of Filipinos. 

Courtesy: Ryan Baldemor

According to Manila Police District (MPD) it is stated that around 10,000 had flocked to the Jones Bridge to watch the fireworks display.

Meanwhile around 7,000 people attended the concert held at the Lucky Chinatown mall. 

MPD also noted that the event was peaceful meaning that it has no untoward incident transpired nor a crime recorded.



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