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BTS Jungkook to release debut solo album “GOLDEN”

by Gaby Agbulos

GET ready, ARMYs: Jungkook’s finally releasing his debut solo album, “GOLDEN,” on November 3! 

Jungkook’s first-ever solo album features 11 tracks. It has been much awaited, considering he’s the last in the group to release one. 

What do we know about the album so far?

On WeVerse, it was announced that the album includes “Seven” and “3D” featuring artists Latto and Jack Harlow, respectively. 

Pre-order dates for this album started yesterday, October 3, and Jungkook has even held a listening party for “3D” on the Stationhead platform, building up the hype of his upcoming album.

The album’s name takes inspiration from the singer’s monicker as the “golden maknae” (i.e., youngest) of BTS.

This release will be celebrated by special stage performances and appearances from Jungkook, where he will be performing songs from his debut album. 

Big things are expected from the singer, especially since his label Big Hit Music has since called him the legacy of male dance artists, hoping to keep up with his upward trajectory in becoming a global pop star.

What’s in the future for BTS? 

At present, three members of the group are serving in the military: Jin, J-Hope and Suga. Until they finish military enlistment, BTS will continue to stay on hiatus.

It’s expected that BTS will be back as a group in 2025, confirmed by the fact that they all renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music in September. ARMYs all over the world can’t wait to see them together again.

In the meantime, fans are enjoying the music being released by each member, because every single / album released so far highlights the strengths of each BTS. 

With J-Hope pursuing hip-hop, V reveling in jazz, and now Jungkook finding his sound in pop music, two years don’t seem that long a wait.



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