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Breaking news: Grover of “Sesame Street” now a reporter

by Deanna Macaranas

WE all know him as the blue furry muppet from the popular children’s show “Sesame Street,” who’s known for having a variety of careers.

From being an astronaut to a superhero, Grover has now reinvented himself with a career in the news industry.

In an X post made by Grover himself, he said that as a news reporter, he always does his research before breaking a story. 

“I am confident to report that you are so special and amazing!” he wrote.

As of writing, Grover’s X post reached a staggering amount of 1.7 million views along with 14,000 likes, 2,000 reposts, and 507 quotes.

Grover’s comment section was filled with positive feedback, with one expressing excitement over learning that the muppet was a reporter.

A netizen even congratulated Grover for getting a new gig.

Another netizen concluded that it’s the best journalism tweet of 2024.

Aside from getting a lot of positive feedback, netizens also thanked Grover for the affirmation he gave on his tweet


On the other hand, dark jokes had on journalism also surfaced.

An X user claimed Grover got fired for not meeting the three-story-a-day quota.


Another user wrote how Grover had been caught amid layoffs.

It wasn’t the first time that the “Sesame Street” muppets received comments like these. Recently, Elmo received grimly humored comments just by asking how everyone was doing. 



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