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BINI Maloi’s fanservice moments that made us laugh

by RepublicAsia

FANSERVICE is a form of love that celebrities do towards their fans. It can sometimes be cute and heart-fluttering with simple poses or gestures. Other times, they can be unique and funny, like sharpening a pencil or doing jumpscares. The latter is what BINI Maloi has been doing. 

BINI Maloi has been known to be one of the most affectionate members of the group. She is usually seen caring for her members and showing her appreciation for them. The same goes for her fans, such as BLOOMS. She has been showing her love and appreciation for them in many different ways, which has trended on social media. Here are just four ways she shows her love to her fans

Sharpening a fan’s pencil

The first video shows Maloi walking through a crowd of screaming fans. She rushes through them to get to where she needs to go, but she walks back when she sees Bloom holding a pencil, which she sharpens. They said Bloom had a friend who was supposed to take a board exam after the event but could not sharpen the pencil correctly, so Maloi helped them.

It was such a sweet and encouraging moment that even fellow Blooms supported. 

“aliwww hahahhaa” said one Bloom. 

“Beh pa frame mo tapos sa baba lagyan mo note ng, “Tinasahan ni Maloi”🤣” said another.

“HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA top 2 Maloi ! Nag patasa oh! Hahahaha sa top1 mo ipagpatuloy😂😂” another Bloom commented. 

The jumpscare

While the first video showed a sweet side to BINI Maloi, the second shows a scarier side. In this video, Bloom stands outside the BINI car, her hand stretched out and forming a heart. This is common for fans since they always ask their favorite idols to complete their hearts. What was unique about this was Maloi’s response to this. She shined her phone’s flashlight on her hand before quickly panning to her face as she showed a scary face. 

Blooms on the scene were already screaming in delight as they were close to them, but they grew louder when she showed her face. 

While online, Blooms was just as thrilled but shocked by her. 

“beh warning naman, kahit maganda si maloi nagulat ako😭” said one Bloom on Tiktok.

“na recharge ako bigla, Maloi😭” said another Bloom. 

“laughtrip tlaga to si maloi 😂” comments another Bloom under the video. 

Peeling a mango and giving the skin to the fan

Another funny moment for BINI’s Maloi happened when a Bloom asked to her to peel a mango, which she did. She peeled the mango as other Blooms began to cheer for her then, when she peeled off some skin and handed it back to the fan before waving goodbye with the said mango. 

The moment was both sweet and funny as Bloom watched her peel the mango for the fan, but no, Maloi is different—the TikTok audio encapsulated Blooms’ reaction best, which is the laugh track of someone laughing so hard. 

On TikTok, Blooms shows how much they appreciate these moments from her.

One Bloom said: “Etooo talaga c bini maloi sobrang approachable sa fans kaya worth it iistan ang bini☺️🌸”

“iba talaga si bini maloi” said another Bloom. 

“bibigyan ka ng pamasahe, ipagbabalat ka ng mangga..baka bini maloi ‘yan” another Bloom said referring to the next video that trended. 


trending at umabot na sa south Korea ang pamasahe era ni nation girl friend #1k bini@bini_maloi @bini_ph

♬ Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi – BINI

Giving a fan P1,000 for their ride home

In this video, Maloi was close to the crowd at an event when a Bloom asked her for some pamasahe or some money for their commute home. The Bini member checked her pockets to find a 1000 peso bill, which she handed to them and said, “magingat ka.” 

The Bloom was so happy and thankful as they said, “thank you po.” The idol’s sweet gesture shows how much she cares for her fans, not just by giving them her best performance but also through sweet interactions like this. 

Blooms online also seem to think so as they reacted with so much love and praise. 

“hahahaha si maloi pala yung nag abot ng pamasahe!!🤣😭😭” one Bloom commented

“super bait talaga ni ate Maloi and very approachable in person 😊” reacted another. 


This video trended so much that even Koreaboo wrote an article about it. 

Although there is some speculation whether this is real or not. Some fans are still left wondering such as one comment on TikTok that said, “Totoo pala to? Sabi kasi nang iba binigyan ni guy si maloi then binalik ni maloi pina actress ang peg 😂.”

All these interactions show how much BINI Maloi loves her fans through the acts of service and gift giving but it also shows her funny side which also makes fans love her more. 

With reports from Brigitta Feliza R. Aquino


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