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April Fools Gone Wrong: Man tattoos takoyaki store logo on forehead

by Deanna Macaranas

APRIL FOOLS surely does put a lot of smile on people’s faces once a year but a lot of netizens aren’t laughing after a man seriously took a post that led him to tattoo a takoyaki’s logo on his forehead. 

On April 1, a takoyaki store under the name of Taragis posted on their Facebook page offering the price of 100,000 pesos in exchange for having to get their logo tattooed on the participant’s forehead. 

Upon scrolling down on the post, the post was later revealed to be part of the April Fools agenda. 

Courtesy: facebook.com /@Taragis

A user by the name of Ramil Albano later commented on the post, along with a picture of him getting his tattoo done on his forehead. 

“Sir, nag pm po ako sa inyo, ginagawa na po w8 po ako ng chat ninyo.” Ramil Albano wrote in the comment section

Courtesy: facebook.com /@Taragis

The comment was later acknowledged by the Takoyaki store to which they replied with shook emojis.

After receiving several messages claiming that their post had been taken seriously—Taragis later made a post by clarifying that their recent post was part of an April Fools prank. In the now-deleted post, the Taragis reminded of how reading comprehension is important. 

“It’s April Fools Day, Never trust anything or anyone. The same as any other day.” They added. 

Taragis Takoyaki also made it clear that they are not accountable for the events that occurred. 

Courtesy: facebook.com / @Taragis

Netizens Reactions 

Despite the idea of it being part of April’s fools, a lot of netizens have taken upon Facebook to express their thoughts regarding what happened. 

A Facebook user expressed how he used to want to join the store’s takoyaki challenge, but upon knowing what happened, he stated that he could not swallow the conscience of what they did to the man. 

A Facebook user pointed out how inhumane and irresponsible it is to do an April’s Fool prank without taking accountability. 

Meanwhile, a user pointed out on how everyone should know that not everyone knows the meaning of April Fools Day. 

One facebook user asked Taragis if they were to take accountability for what they did to the man. 

Some netizens had also taken upon X (formerly Twitter) to express their thoughts on what just happened. 

An X user reminded people not to pull off April Fool’s pranks to working class as not everyone gets to understand that it’s a joke. 

An X user urges Taragis to take accountability for what they have done. 

One X user wrote on how the guy who got the tattoo was painted dumb for falling for the April’s Fool prank. 

“Like everyone else in this world, he’s just trying his best and probably saw this as a big opportunity.” 



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