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Alex Gonzaga, bad attitude?

by Joyce Remo

JUST because you paid for someone’s service doesn’t mean you have the right to do anything you want to them.

This is what Twitter users contend after the recent incident that transpired involving actress and content creator Alex Gonzaga and a cake server during the former’s birthday celebration on Monday.

Netizens were enraged after a video clip of the television personality emerged online and showed her smearing cake icing onto a surprised waiter’s face after she blew out the candles on the cake.

Gonzaga’s friend, content creator and entrepreneur Dani Barretto, reportedly posted, and then eventually deleted, the video clip on Instagram. 

How rude!

Concerned netizens slammed Gonzaga for her “rude, insensitive, and disrespectful” attitude toward the server, saying her actions were uncalled for and inappropriate.

Radio disc jockey Tin Gamboa, professionally known as DJ Suzy of Magic 89.9, also expressed her dismay over Gonzaga’s improper gesture.

“There’s a special place in hell for people who show no respect to servers. I can’t stand people like that,” she wrote in a tweet

Another Twitter user also conveyed their distress toward the incident, emphasizing that average Filipino workers who encounter similar experiences don’t often complain about the mistreatment as they fear losing their jobs or getting canceled by fans.

Philippine-based marketing company PGAG also threw shade at Gonzaga by creating a satirical reenactment of the actress’ viral video.

Power imbalance and equal rights

With power imbalance on the table, a Twitter user with the handle @drakoyne commiserated with the server and accused Gonzaga of bullying the waiter.

Some also sympathized with the waiter as they can relate to what he seemed to have felt based on his reaction seen in the video.

Popular YouTube beauty guru and social media influencer Janina Vela did not mince her words when she called out Gonzaga for her actions.

According to Vela, jokes that are physically violent in nature like slapping, should be reserved for people Gonzaga is close with and shouldn’t be applied to situations where power dynamics is inherent.

More importantly, the influencer stressed that “social workers are our equals” and should be treated with the respect they deserve.

Unflattering testimonials

Gonzaga’s viral birthday video triggered some personalities to provide testimonials to show what they deem as the influencer’s attitude problem.

In a tweet, John Mark Yap, former social media liaison in Gonzaga’s film My Rebound Girl (2016), shared his unpleasant experience with the actress and said she showed nasty behavior.

Yap said Gonzaga had always been the cause of delay in the production set because of her late arrivals to the shoot. He also said that “almost everyone on the set hated her.”

Another Twitter user who goes by the username @MxNoelle recounted their experience with Gonzaga during Ariana Grande’s concert, recalling that the actress refused to obey security personnel who asked her to sit down after she was caught standing on her seat.

Gonzaga is well-known for her pranks, wild jokes, and antics on social media, especially on her YouTube channel.

She has been called out on social media several times for her inappropriate behavior toward other artists including actor Matteo Guidicelli, with whom she joked about the actor’s ex girlfriend. Guidicelli said he found this insensitive as both of them are already married.

The topic “Alex Gonzaga” trended on Twitter with over 27.8K tweets after the video from her birthday party was posted on the social media site.

The actress has yet to issue a statement regarding the issue.

Banner courtesy: Alex Gonzaga’s Instagram

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