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90’s boyband A1 wishlist: A collaboration with Ben&Ben, SB19

by RepublicAsia

A1, a British-Norwegian boy group known for their hit “Like a Rose,” shared their interest in collaborating with P-pop boy group SB19 and record-breaking folk-pop group Ben&Ben.

Members Mark Read, Ben Adams, Paul Marazzi, and Christian Ingebrigtsen announced this in a press conference held in Manila on October 10, which thrilled the fans.

While the collaboration between the bands is not yet final, X’s user expresses delight and anticipation to the possibly huge collaboration.

Courtesy: twitter.com / @DreamM_GIO

Another netizen hilariously jokes about the members between BenandBen and A1 having the similar names. 

Courtesy: twitter.com / @Kevin_Pableo

“It’s a good opportunity to collaborate with different artists internationally like A1 group. Because that’s where you can see their versatility as an artist” A’TIN Aryan said. 

“Music has no language, everyone can enjoy it and this is also a good opportunity for both artists.” she added. 

While fans of folk-band pop Ben&Ben could not wait for the possible collaboration.

“Two nationalities being seen in a single song is probably a huge cultural event. Imagine the impact it can bring.” LIWANAG Czar commented. 

“I’m glad that foreign groups are reaching out to our local artists. It proves their growing popularity overseas.”

If this happens, It will add up to the list of local artists having an international influence. 

With reports from Angeline R. Marcelino



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