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Workers at Divisoria in Manila

57% of Filipinos reported feeling lonely – poll

by Carl Santos

AROUND six in 10 Filipinos reported feeling lonely, based on Meta-Gallup’s The Global State of Social Connections report released on November 1. 

According to the survey, 57% of Filipinos reported feeling “very lonely” or “fairly lonely,” which is more than twice the global average of 24% and ranks second out of 142 participating countries (behind Lesotho’s 58%). 

Nineteen percent of Filipinos said they were ”a little lonely” and 21% replied, ”not at all lonely.”

Still, 80% of Filipinos stated that they felt “very connected” or “fairly connected” to others, which is higher than the 72% average globally. 

Fourteen percent answered ”a little connected” and 6% indicated ”not at all connected.”

”These findings are only the beginning. They help tell the story of how people are doing, but more research is needed to reveal why this is the case,” the report said. 

”Future research should continue to investigate the factors that underlie feelings of social connectedness and loneliness; potential explanations for differences and similarities across countries; deeper insights into variation among groups of people within countries; and studies that show how feelings of social connectedness and loneliness fluctuate (or don’t) as communities and environments face change.”

With the exception of a few countries, including Algeria, Iceland, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica, face-to-face and phone interviews with about 1,000 respondents each over the age of 15 in more than 100 nations were carried out between June 2022 and February 2023.



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