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20 types of kisses to step up your MOMOL (make out make out lang) game

by Alyssa Luciano

Warning: This article needs parental guidance for children aged 13 and above.

KISSING never gets old for couples who love to taste the lips (or tongue) of their partners.

But what if you’re getting bored at the same old techniques that you and your partner share? 

How about upping your Make-Out-Make-Out-Lang (MOMOL) game?

Before you proceed, make sure you are 13 years old and above, and ask your parents or supervising adult to read it with you. Who knows? Your parents may find this article useful, too. 

The art and skill of kissing

Former Boston professor Michael Christian, using the pen name William Cane, believes that kissing is both an art and a skill.

He interviewed college students about kissing in 1994 and this led him to his bestseller book, The Art of Kissingl.

“Women are saying, ‘It’s about time you kiss me.’ And then a lot of people are saying, ‘Am I doing it correctly?” Christian said.

Christian said there is no right or wrong way to kiss. “Just do what feels good and do what feels right. At the same time, there are techniques which you may pick up from other people,” he said in a podcast interview by US-based National Public Radio.

If you are trying to have an adventure with your partner in terms of kisses, then read on and try these 20 types of kisses you and your lover can do!

The across-the-room kiss

GIF via Tenor GIF Keyboard

Stuck in a place full of people around you? Then you might want to tease your partner with an across-the-room kiss. 

To do this, you only have two things to follow: pucker your lips, then send your kiss across the room 

You can also use this kind of kiss as a sign of your love to your partner or as a simple encouragement to them when you are far from them.

The aggressive kiss

GIF via What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Wanna surprise your partner? The next time they’ll be leaning for a quick smooch, surprise them with a longer and sensual kiss. Let your partner get lost in the moment.

Who knows where it can lead you after all?

The biting kiss


Kisses do not need to be normal. You can always play with your partner when you are in for a new experience.

If you want to try the biting kiss, you can gently nibble the lower lip of your partner and playfully bite it.

When you start with a soft kiss, you can give your lover a bite. The contrast that will come from doing this could invigorate a new sensation to your partner. 

“Men like to be bitten – the lower lip, the earlobe. Men need extra stimulation,” Christian said.

The butterfly kiss

GIF via Gyfcat

A kiss cannot be just done by the use of the mouth. You can also have a cute and innocent gesture that is also considered as a kiss. And yup, that is the butterfly kiss.

To do this, you only have to bring your face close to your partner until your eyelashes touch. As your eyelashes touch your lover’s you can start batting your eyes at each other. 

This kiss is meant to imitate butterfly wings that symbolizes the fluttering sensation you have for each other.

The crush kiss

GIF via Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Imagine kissing your crush underneath the moonlight. This can truly be a one-of-a-kind experience which might make you want to try the next kind of kiss.

The crush kiss is centered in keeping yourself demure.

A gentle and close-mouthed kiss can make your partner feel like it is your first time kissing each other again. And slowly, with your hands around their shoulder or their waste, open your mouth. But, you have to keep your partner wanting for more!

The key is to pull away before your kiss turns into a make-out session. You can lock eyes with your partner to see how they react.

The curious kiss

GIF via Fight For My Way

A smooch is the fastest and probably the easiest way to see if you have sparks with another person. Sometimes, you might just be curious on how it will feel to kiss another person.

The curious kiss can be associated between the crush kiss and the friendly kiss. If you really want to know if a chemistry may form between the two of you, then you might want to try this: start with a closed-mouth kiss and slowly bare your lips while having a physical contact. Keep it between five to ten seconds.

If you think that you want something more from that kiss, stay the night. But if the sparks are not just occurring, you can just give him a good night.

The earlobe kiss

GIF via Tenor GIF Keyboard

Want to create a steamy scene in action? Then try nibbling, sucking, or biting your partner’s ear gently.

The earlobe kiss can be a game-changer, especially if you do it right. To do this you just have to softly nibble on your partner’s ear. You can also breathe through your nose and softly exhale into their ear to tickle your lover.

To add a little spice you can also whisper your hidden desires as you bite into your partner’s ear. That way they cannot just say no to your requests.

The Eskimo kiss

GIF via Why RU The Series

Pressing your noses towards each other is what makes the Eskimo kiss so delightful and light-hearted. No mouths involved, only the soft touch of nose to nose rubbing against your partner’s.

To Christian, an Eskimo kiss is a great experience and snot just a kiss that can be shared by children.

The European kiss

GIF via The Washington Post

It is common in the region of Europe to kiss cheeks as a way of saying hello or goodbye.

A European kiss will only touch the other person’s skin through your lips or you can kiss the air next to their cheeks. This is not actually considered as a kiss, but rather as a formality.

The exploratory kiss

GIF via SBS Scarlet Heart Ryeo

A starting relationship will always linger around exploring what both parties like and dislike in their love. As a new couple, chances are there will be lots of kisses you’ll be involved with.

You can always try different kisses with your partner or switch up your kissing techniques with quick pecks, open-mouth kisses, Eskimo, and more.

It is all up to you to create a formula that will make both you and your partner happy.

The French kiss

GIF via TVN Goblin

Probably the most famous kiss among all other techniques. The French kiss revolves on the tongue action happening inside two people’s mouths.

The widely-used kissing technique has starred several scenes on the big screen. We have seen good kissers through different shows, while there are also those who are not cut out for the tongue action.

Christian said that the secret to a good French kiss is to be responsive to your partner’s motions. Don’t force your motions or tongue on your partner”.

The friendly kiss

GIF via Giphy

Kisses do not have to be shared only between lovers. You can also kiss others such as your family or friends to show your affection towards them.

A short, close-mouthed, and sweet kiss can let your friends or family feel that they are valued and loved.

The gallant kiss

GIF via Titanic

With the rise of historical Filipino series, several scenes portray how a gentleman takes care of his lady.

The gallant kiss is just one of the kisses that any woman will love. This is done by a man kissing the back of the hands of a lady to show his respect and admiration for the woman.

Surprise your lover by this heart-warming kiss that will make them feel really loved and respected.

The icy kiss

GIF via 50 Shades of Gray

A French kiss does not have to be the plain-old kiss that requires you to exchange tongues with each other.

To create a change, you might want to try the icy kiss where you just have to put an ice in your mouth and take turns passing the ice while kissing your partner.

If you have a sensitive tooth, you can also try it with a breath mint. This variation of the French kiss can just set the bar high to some.

The motherly kiss

GIF via KBS Fight For My Way

This kiss is probably the lightest one. 

The motherly kiss involves a peck onto another’s forehead to show love, friendship, affection or comfort with each other.

A kiss on the forehead is also dubbed as a sweet gesture as sign of respect to another.

The obligatory kiss

GIF via Netflix

Sometimes, a kiss is not invited in the scene.

The obligatory kiss will make you learn a way to help another person save their faces by making you obligated to assist them.

When a person who you are not interested in smooches you, you can politely offer your cheeks instead or your hands to keep the mood friendly.

But you do not have to do that though, you are free to step back from the scene and just leave them there if you really feel uncomfortable.

The sensual kiss

GIF via KBS 2 Orange Marmalade

Our body is full of delicate nerves that can bring us tingling sensation in different ways.

A sensual kiss around your partner’s neck will definitely arouse your partner as the nerves around the neck of a person are also sensitive.

To make it more sensual, you can gently suck or nibble one area or just cover the entire neck with smooches.

Christian noted that neck kisses are women’s favorite.

The thank you kiss

GIF via SM Entertainment

A friendly kiss on the cheek can show your appreciation or affection towards somebody. This type of kiss is common at the end of the first date together.

The therapeutic kiss

GIF via Tenor GIF Keyboard

A kiss can also be therapeutic when done right.

You can help your partner ease their stress with this kissing technique: put your lips on your lover’s nose and slowly deliver a series of soft kisses.

The gentle pressure your partner will feel as your purses your lips against them can help in easing their tension and help them relax in no time.

The upside-down kiss

GIF via Spiderman makeagif.com

Have your partner lie on your lap and try this unusual kissing method to have a whole new experience in the smooching world.

An upside-down kiss requires you to kiss your partners on the lips in a bizarre way. All you have to do is have your partner lie on your lap and kiss his lower lip with your upper lip and vice versa.

With these 20 kinds of kisses, you’ll surely have steamy and sexy nights to come. But remember, there is no need to pressure yourself to do all this, you just have to stick to what’s best for you.

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