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10 Filipina stars rocking their 50’s 

by Izel Abanilla

HAVE they found the fountain of youth?

Aging is a life process that no one can escape.  But some celebrities have apparently managed to look young even in their 50s. 

Looking and staying young, most often than not, is constant work. One cannot live a lackluster lifestyle and look his best forever. It takes discipline to maintain youth. 

Since celebrities are in the business of beauty, taking care of themselves is a part of their job and lifestyle. 

So let’s take a rundown at some of the most youthful looking Filipina celebrities who are in their 50s. 

1. Alice Dixson

Image via @alicedoxson Instagram

Actress Alice just has got to be the first on the list. Since having represented the Philippines during the Miss International 1986 pageant succeeded by her iconic shampoo commercial where she said the phrase “I can feel it,” she has been a household name, every boy’s fantasy and every girl’s dream face. 

Apart from her illustrious three-decade career, she remained a familiar sight in the beauty and fitness industry. She even posed for FHM Philippines magazine in 2013 making her the oldest woman to appear on the sexy issue at age 44. 

Now, she is 53, a happy loving wife and mommy and still a show stopping ageless beauty. 

2. Dawn Zulueta

Image via @dawnzulueta Instagram

When talking of ethereal beauty, that has got to be Dawn Zulueta. 

Dawn has been idolized by many in the industry for her timeless and gaze-worthy beauty. Indeed a mix of beauty and an impeccable acumen, she is surely one of the brightest stars in the industry. 

Unlike others who cringe to the sight of gray and white hairs, this Palestinian-Filipino beauty does see why fading hair needs to be hidden. She in fact flaunts them proudly as a message to embrace aging happily. 

She is now 53 and glowing very beautifully. 

3. Gretchen Barretto

Image via Facebook

The list of iconic ageless beauties would not be complete without the legendary Gretchen Barretto.

In fact, a look at her Instagram feed would make you second guess if she had even changed since her bombshell days in the ‘90s. 

Ask every early ‘90s boy and he’ll surely tell you his crush is Gretchen. 

Now at 51, she still looks ever fabulous and youthful. Her husband Tony Cojuanco was even quoted to have said, “Sa dami ng babae, si Gretchen and pinakamaganda.” 

Do you agree? 

4. Zsa Zsa Padilla 

Image via @zsazsapadilla Instagram

Singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla has been in the industry since the ‘70s and has never lost that glow in her. 

A powerful singer and a fine actress, she has swooned people with her voice and made hearts laugh and cry with her acting. 

Not to mention possessing captivating beauty that even the late comedy king Dolphy was never able to resist. 

Now at 58 and just two years before hitting her 60s, she still looks very youthful and radiant. 

5. Ai-ai delas Alas

Image via @msaiaidelasalas Instagram

Comedy concert queen Ai-ai delas Alas is an inspiration not only to women her age but even to the younger ones as well. 

Netizens have been noticing her svelte figure she proudly flaunts on social media as a result of her vegan lifestyle. 

She has previously said that she does not follow a diet but lives a strictly healthy lifestyle. 

Now at 58, she is obviously a fitness inspiration to everyone. 

6. Eula Valdez

Image via @eulavaldez Instagram

Another femme fatale beauty is actress Eula Valdez who could make anyone cry or cringe with her acting. 

Aside from her successful career, she is also lauded by many for her ageless beauty. Now at 54, she barely looks any different from her young self in the ‘80s teen flick “Bagets.” 

7. Agot Isidro

Image via @agotisidro Instagram

Actress-singer Agot Isidro ageless morena beauty has been admired by many for years. As someone who’s always been visible in the industry throughout the years, people have come to see that she seems to have aged slightly, if not never aged at all. 

She is still very much active in the industry and on social media. She has also been very vocal on her views on politics and current affairs. 

8. Sharon Cuneta 

Image via @reallysharoncuneta

Megastar Sharon Cuneta is one proof that beauty can come in all sizes. 

There is no doubt she is among the most beautiful and perhaps the biggest star of the ’80s. Even throughout the decades that came later, her beauty never faded. 

Now, she’s been wowing the public with her significant weight loss that she too serves as a fitness inspiration especially to women her age. 

Sharon is now 57. 

9. Regine Velasquez 

Image via @reginevalcasid

Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez may be in her 50s now but she can still belt out effortlessly as a 20-year-old would. 

Same with her beauty. Many have been praising and idolizing the songbird not only for her singing but equally so, for her timeless beauty. 

A certified and proud gay icon, Regine keeps on giving reasons why she’s worthy of idolatry.

Regine is now 52. 

10. Lea Salonga

Image via @msleasalonga Instagram

Theater legend Lea Salonga, no doubt, still looks as if she is her fresh self up on that stage taking her Tony award. 

Has she even aged?

Blessed with a baby face look, her sweet smile is equally captivating as her impeccable singing voice. 

Even at 51, Lea could not help but get back to her teen self whenever people would push their request for her reunion movie with Aga Muhlach. 



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