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‘What If’ takes Netflix top ranking

by RepublicAsia

ANOTHER Filipino film has gained popularity with netizens! 

Alessandra de Rossi and JM de Guzman have been paired in the movie What If? that can be streamed on Netflix. 

The trailer shows the couple saying their romantic vows to each other during their wedding ceremony. 

“Alam ko cliché, alam ko cheesy, pero ngayon ko lang sasabihin sayo ito. You helped me become a better man, dahil diyan pinapangako ko sayo Billie, starting now hindi ka na mag-iisa. This is a journey we chose to take together,” De Guzman’s character tells his wife. 

The movie revolves around a newlywed couple who gets struck on an island during their honeymoon due to a storm. As the weather intensifies, they become aware of various flaws in their apparently ideal marriage, which raises the possibility of a separation. 

The story seems to have touched a lot of viewers, as it has gained a lot of views on the streaming site.

With the success of the emotional drama, What If has ranked at number one on Netflix. 

The movie is directed by Emmanual Quindo Palo and is co-produced by Viva Films and A World of Our Own. 

What If?  became available on Netflix on September 7. Also part of the cast are Angie Castrence, Soliman Cruz, and Jett Pangan.

With reports from Louise Daniela Cabawatan



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