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Welcome to Thundr, the first-ever Filipino LGBTQIA+ community app

by Gaby Agbulos

ON January 31, the first-ever Filipino LGBTQIA+ community app was released in the Philippines. Geared toward people 35 years old and above, Thundr was created as a means of keeping life “fantabulous” no matter how old you are.

“Members of LGBTQIA+, regardless of age, deserve a happy ending,” their website said.

“Welcome to a place where you have more than just one option and zero rejection.”

Thundr is an app like no other. Here, rejection isn’t an option—only making someone your mare or your jowa. There are tabs for each category so you can spend your time either flirting with people you’re interested in or getting to know your newfound friends.

This app, however, is exclusive only to the age bracket of 35 and up. When you sign in, the birth years only go until 1988.

The app is currently available only on the Google Play Store but it’s sure to expand its horizons as more users join its network.

How it works

Upon downloading the app, you’re given the option to log in using either your Google or Facebook account or your mobile number. Afterward, you’re ready to make your profile.

On your profile, you’re asked for the following:

  • Photos of yourself (up to five)
  • Your gender (You can choose from the letters in LGBTQIA+)
  • A biography / description of yourself
  • Your work
  • Your location
  • Your hobbies (you can choose up to four)
  • Your height
  • Your star sign
  • Your education
  • Whether you drink or some
  • Your religion
  • Any pets you might have
  • Your political orientation

The app also asks you what your personality type is. You can choose from four in total:

  • Lion: Takes charge, determined, assertive, competitive, leader, goal-driven, self-reliant, adventurous
  • Otter: Takes risks, visionary, energetic, promoter, fun-loving, enjoys change, creative, optimistic
  • Dog: Loyal, deep relationships, adaptable, sympathetic, thoughtful, nurturing, tolerant, good listener
  • Beaver: Deliberate, controller, reserved, practical, factual, analytical, inquisitive, persistent

After that, you can get to swiping. On the person’s profile, you’ll first see their name, age, occupation, and your compatibility score with them. When you tap on their profile, you’ll get to see more information about them.

Take note: if you search for the Thundr app, you might see another dating app of the same name. This one was created by Second Life, and no, it’s not the same thing.

In Second Life’s dating app, you have virtual avatars and find matches in a virtual world; your profile consists of an animated character and not your real face, and you can use it either to make friends or to seek romance in different locations.

When searching up Thundr, double-check to make sure you’re downloading the right one!

There aren’t a lot of people on the app yet so you might easily run out of matches. Some features are still in the works, but they will be up and running soon.

Thundr also accepts donations, with proceeds going to their chosen local beneficiaries. You can donate to the app whether you’re subscribed or using it for free. You can even get a seven-day trial subscription if you donate at least PHP 100.



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