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‘Wala kayong mararating!’: Filipina ‘teacher’ went viral for classroom outburst on TikTok

by RepublicAsia

Recently updated on March 19, 2024 07:13 am

Hindi ako nag-board exam para lang hindi irespeto ng mga katulad niyong wala pa namang nararating sa buhay!” 

A TikTok user with the handle @gietv42, shared and uploaded a screen recording of a live stream of an alleged teacher on TikTok that quickly went viral. 

The viral TikTok video, which is fast circulating on Facebook and X, shows an upset “teacher” shouting and lecturing her students inside a classroom, expressing her frustrations with the behavior of the young learners.

During the first minute of the viral video, the woman started off by saying, “Nakakalimutan niyo yung ano nyo ha, yung boundaries niyo, nakakalimutan niyo yung boundaries niyo”. 

She continued by saying that teachers are not being paid just to become “robots” and to be ridiculed in front of the class.

She said that she did not pass the board exams just to be disrespected by students who have yet to prove anything in their lives.

Hindi ako nag-board exam para lang hindi irespeto ng mga katulad niyong wala pa namang nararating sa buhay!”

She pointed out that her students were not intelligent and had problematic attitudes.

Hindi na nga kayo matalino. Masama pa ugali niyo. Wala kayong mararating. Wala kayong lugar sa mundo!” she emphasized.

After scolding her students, the alleged teacher rolled her eyes before ending her livestream.

As of this writing, the viral woman’s social media account has been set to private. There are also no further details yet on the alleged teacher. 

Netizens react

The viral video circulated online and garnered various reactions from netizens. As of this writing, the said video, uploaded on TikTok has 4 million views, 195, 200 reactions, 14,200 comments, and 9,695 shares.

On TikTok, Facebook, and X, users started uploading reaction videos and their opinions. 

A TikTok user with the handle @gabe.talks expressed his reaction to the teacher’s inappropriate behavior. In his video, he mentioned that teachers need to have a lot more grace for students, “I urge each and every teacher to at least a lot more grace para sa mga batang ito’’. He continued, ‘’Because if we’re gonna make a difference, we need to be be fully aware of what we say and how we act, and what we do”

On X, users have also started calling out the alleged teacher and urging the Department of Education to act on the matter.

X user with handle @maryannenido said: “Grabe nakakababa ng self esteem yung choice of words ni mam. Pwede naman manaway ng di mangdedegrade. Grabe sa walang mararating.

Kaya andaming gustong magdrop out at diskarte na lang sa buhay ang gawin dahil sa ibang mga teachers na ganyan magsalita. Also need pa talaga maglive?

An X user with the handle @JuliaBako2022 also expressed disappointment with the viral teacher, saying, “Keeping calm is crucial for a teacher, even in the face of provocation. Avoid arguments and emotional responses – insults shouldn’t be taken personally, after all, they are just kids! If you’re getting flustered, take a deep breath and refocus on having a positive interaction.

Another X user with the handle @AlwaysSmile8891, meanwhile, called out the Education department: “Is this how @DepEd_PH mandates teachers to handle difficult students? I’m shocked by the words used and the discouragement conveyed. Also, why is she on TikTok? It seems like an abuse of power. This behavior is unacceptable for a teacher.”

DepEd to investigate

The DepEd said they would investigate the matter

“We are verifying the report from the field and will require a complete incident report to determine the next course of action in accordance with existing DepEd policies,” DepEd deputy spokesperson Assistant Secretary Francis Bringas said in a statement.

Under DepEd’s child protection policy, ”any act by deeds or words that debases, degrades, or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of a child as a human being” is considered child abuse.

Meanwhile, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition said the full story behind the video is still unclear.

“I-review itong policies natin on child protection, kung ito ba talaga ay nakakatulong ba o hindi sa atin,” said TDC chairperson Benjo Basas.

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