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Timeline: Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones story

by Joanna Deala

DECEMBER 2023 ended with a breakup news about one of the celebrity couples in the country. Closing the first month of the new year is no different, with the confirmation that married couple Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones have separated.

The real score between the two was revealed in a statement made by their close friend and sent to ABS-CBN, amid split up rumors.

According to Ricco Ocampo, who is also the couple’s godfather, Rosales and Jones have long been separated since 2019, but it was only confirmed on Monday, January 29.

As they go their separate ways, here’s a look back on the years Rosales and Jones shared together beyond their married life.

2011: First meeting, going on dates

Rosales admitted that he wanted to take a break from dating after going through his past heartbreaks, but the actor failed to dodge Cupid’s arrow when he met Jones in March 2011.

The actor and the model first crossed paths in a dinner organized by their common friend, according to the couple’s interview with “The Buzz” in 2013. Rosales said he was convinced by his friend to meet Jones after he was shown a photo of the model.

“Pagkakitang-pagkakita ko sa kanya sabi ko, mas maganda pa siya sa personal,” he recalled.

The two were supposed to go on a movie date but it did not push through, so they decided to just go out instead. The couple recalled having an awkward moment during their first date when they somehow ended up being in the same car.

“Pareho kaming awkward na, ‘Bakit nandito ka sa car ko?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know. She said I should ride here.’ And then immediately sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t kiss you. I’m not a bad person.’ I said, ‘I’m a nice guy, I won’t attack you or take advantage of you,'” Rosales narrated.

It took two months for Jones to agree to go on a date again with Rosales. 

They went on a beach trip on their next meet up, where Rosales taught Jones how to surf. It was at that moment when Jones started having “dreamy eyes” for the actor, she recalled.

2012: Meeting the family

The courtship between the two lasted for eight months.

It was revealed in a report by “Bandila” in September 2012 that Rosales flew to Australia to meet Jones’ family. At that time, their relationship was almost a year old.

The model said that her family was glad to meet the actor.

“Super happy. Who wouldn’t love him? Very happy. Very happy for me, very happy for us. They got along really well. It was really a happy trip,” Jones said.

Rosales, meanwhile, revealed that they had already talked about marriage. But the idea of tying the knot was not in the couple’s plan as they were focused on their careers, with Rosales’ working on his indie film “Alagwa.”

2013: She said “yes!”

It was in 2013 when Rosales finally asked Jones’ hand in marriage, to which the latter said yes.

The proposal was held at the New Life Church in Alabang, on the same day that Jones celebrated her birthday on August 4.

The actor shared the engagement news on Instagram, along with a photo of Jones wearing the ring.

“I love you, Miss Jones. You are the love of my life. Thank you for saying YES (to forever) to me. Happy birthday! God is amazing! Yeeeeeehaaa! We are #engaged !!!!” he wrote in the caption.

2014: The wedding

Nearly nine months after their engagement, the couple finally brought their relationship to the next level as husband and wife.

Rosales and Jones exchanged their “I dos” in a beach wedding in Boracay in May 2014, which was attended by their families and close friends.

Among the guests were host Iya Villana, Gary Valenciano and his family, and actress Coney Reyes, among others.

2017: Pregnancy issue

Several social media users were in awe of how Rosales defended women’s choice of not getting pregnant when one netizen told Jones to “get pregnant and be a real woman.”

Coming to his wife’s defense, the actor said that “getting preggy and having babies is the only measure for being a woman.” He stressed how proud he was of Jones for pursuing her dreams.

Jones, meanwhile, thanked her husband for supporting her decision to not bear a child yet and for letting her chase her goals.

“Thank you, Jericho, for believing that a woman’s worth and the measure of a ‘real woman’ comes from a multitude of qualities. And thank you for believing my [read: women’s] dreams are worth chasing, whatever they may be,” she said in an Instagram story.

2018: Attended NYFW

Rosales publicly showed her admiration for his wife when he became “Kim’s assistant ever” during the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in 2018.

He shared several photos of Jones traversing New York streets in her oversized gray suit.

According to the actor, among his duties in his “better husband project” were “keeping schedules, getting Uber rides, and steaming clothes.”

He also praised Jones for her dedication to her passion for fashion.

“Seeing the results of all the hard work you’ve put into your career (and hair) makes me so proud. Keep doing what you do. I got your back. (And bags),” he said.

2020: Aiding typhoon victims

Several parts of the country were devastated by Typhoon Ulysses in 2020, including Marikina City. 

The couple came to the rescue of residents who were trapped in their homes and turned their surfing boards as flotation devices.

They also opened a crowd-funding page for the typhoon victims and were able to help in building 20 houses for 20 families in Baggao, Cagayan.

2022: Life in New York

Rosales and Jones decided to pack their bags to live in their new home in New York City.

On Instagram, the actor shared a sneak peek of their apartment in February 2022 and said, “Sa bagong haybol sa Big Apple.”

Since their apartment reveal, Rosales had been updating his social media followers of their life in New York, including his acting workshop.

It was also in the same year when the couple became the subject of breakup rumors because they rarely post about each other online. Amid such speculations, Jones posted photos of her husband on Instagram to mark his birthday.

2023: Breakup rumors resurfaced

Breakup rumors between the two celebrities continued in 2023, which Rosales addressed and said that he and his wife were “happy.”

In a report by PEP, Rosales refused to give further details about him and Jones and said, “No comment because it’s not the place. I never really talk about my relationships but we’re happy, we’re good.”

“Kim and I, we’re amazing, we’re fantastic,” he added.

Rosales and Jones also made a public appearance together when they attended the ABS-CBN Ball 2023.

2024: Split confirmed

Rosales and Jones made headlines on Monday, after their godfather confirmed to ABS-CBN that the couple decided to call it quits in 2019.

Ocampo clarified that the couple’s decision was “not borne out of ill feelings.”

“On the contrary, one might say that it is a demonstration of their affection and respect, as Echo and Kim only wish the best for each other,” he said, as he conveyed Rosales and Jones’ gratitude to those who have supported them in their journey.

Despite this, Ocampo said that the two remain friends.

“The two are filled with gratitude for the memories they’ve made together and the lessons they’ve learned. They have journeyed through the separation with the utmost respect and care toward one another precisely because Echo and Kim are the best of friends and love each other like family,” he stressed.

He revealed that Rosales and Jones are working together on a forthcoming film, with the latter serving as the writer, director, and actor. Rosales, on the other hand, will be the producer.

The big screen project is slated for release this year.



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