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Taylor Sheesh gets recognized in Australia

by Deanna Macaranas

AS Taylor Swift had her ‘Eras Tour’ concert in Australia, Taylor Sheesh caught the eyes of many Australians. 

The Filipino drag queen continues to receive international attention as she gets featured in an Australian morning show ‘Today,’ for her ‘Errors Tour’ performance at the Federation Square in Melbourne. 

“With the Philippines missing out on a visit from one of the biggest artists in the world, ‘The Eras Tour’ for many Swifties this is the closest they’ll get to the real thing. Sheesh is taking to the stage to fill the void and taking TikTok by storm,” the reporter stated in the show. 

Having to perform overseas last night for her ‘Errors Tour,’  Sheesh stated that she didn’t expect to have a massive amount of audience. 

“The Aussie Swifties are insane and wild, they gave the 100,000 of energy from the start to the finish of our show.” She stated in the interview. 

Sheesh also shared how being a swiftie herself had her come up with the gig of impersonating the global superstar. 

Taylor Sheesh has been a swiftie since 2009 and by having to showcase her art through drag—her impersonation of the artist recreating Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ in a mall ended up being loved by her fellow Swifties. 

She first went viral on social media after her Taylor Swift impersonation during a fan concert in a mall in Quezon City. 

“I want to express my talent in an artful way, right now Swifties are the best fan base for me, I want to relate to them as a fellow Swifties.” She said.    

In the interview, Sheesh also revealed that her all-time favorite Taylor Swift songs are “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me.” According to her those songs are forever the greatest of all time.  



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