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SPOTLIGHT: Syd Hartha, empowering women through music 

by Joshua Gerona

MUSIC has served as an avenue for empowerment and social expression for a long time. And many women in history have been making music to forward the cause of women’s struggle for empowerment and liberation. 

Rising folk-pop singer-songwriter Syd Hartha has followed in the footsteps of these powerful women in music. 

Born in a musically inclined family, Syd Hartha was exposed to music at an early age. At eleven, she already learned to play the guitar. 

She would finally enter the local music scene with the release of her debut single, ‘Paruparo,’ which would earn her a nomination for the Best New Artist category at the 2019 MYX Music Awards. 

As an artist, she is never afraid to tackle social issues, such as mental health and the plight of the farmers, in her discography. 

With her emotionally-driven songs and powerful lyrics, it was no surprise that Syd Hartha would be part of Sony Music’s esteemed lineup of artists in 2018. 

But what makes her deserving of public attention and support in the local music scene is her pro-women stance explicitly embedded in her songs. 

In 2019, she released one of her powerful songs, ‘ayaw,’ strongly affirming her condemnation of sexual harassment and abuse towards women. 

According to the artist, the track was made in support of all victims and survivors of rape and abuse. She advocated for greater awareness of women’s empowerment and the concept of consent. 

Last year, Syd Hartha dropped her debut EP, ‘gabay,’ talking about her journey and struggles as a young woman. 

The EP album was one way for her to reclaim her identity in the most empowering and liberating way. 

Despite her young age, Syd Hartha has been producing songs that shed light on women’s issues and social ills. 

With her exceptional talents and courage to explore experimental music, Syd Hartha has become one of the most promising artists in the Philippine music scene. 

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