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Self-love era: How single RA babies celebrate V-Day

by Gaby Agbulos

WHILE Valentine’s Day may be known to be a day for couples, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending it alone. 

In America, for example, it was found that only 32% of them actually celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partner, while 27% plan to celebrate it on their own or with friends, and 31% say they don’t plan to celebrate it at all.

In the Philippines, only 39% of Filipinos celebrated the holiday back in 2021, further proving that it’s no big deal if you’re spending it without a partner by your side.

Remember, you’re not alone in this. Many of republicasia’s single employees still plan to celebrate the holidays, whether it be with their friends at the office or alone in their homes. 

  1. Going to work

Several republicasia employees plan to spend V-Day at the office to work, celebrating the holiday with their co-workers instead of partners. 

For 26-year-old Multimedia Journalist Joanna Deala, spending Valentine’s Day single is fun! It just means getting to learn more about yourself and loving yourself more.

24-year-old Graphics and Creatives Intern Jay Esiderio, who plans to do nothing other than work on the day itself, says it’s a day just like any other.

“It’s fun [because] you don’t have to think about [yung] ireregalo mo sa jowa mo,” he joked.

“Stress-free [lang.] It’s good to celebrate Valentine’s when you’re single.” 

  1. Having a cute friend date

This Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have a partner to spend it with, you can always plan a cute Galentine’s date with your friends instead. 

21-year-old Social Media and Advertorial Intern Micah Valdez, for example, plans to spend Valentine’s Day with her gal pals. They’re going to go to different coffee shops, and then go on long walks in different places. 

24-year-old Advertorial Intern Carl Antonio, on the other hand, will be out bowling with his friends.

“It’s like a typical partner date, but with the girls,” Valdez noted.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t all about love; it’s about celebrating love – about celebrating your love with other people [and] not just one specific person.” 

  1. Doing things you love

Another way to show some love this V-Day is to pour it into your favorite hobbies. 23-year-old Producer Bryan Ginucod, for example, will be spending Valentine’s Day with his choirmates as part of a tradition they do every year. 

Here, all the single people in their group meet up in the music room at school and have a sort of group date, sharing food, and drinks, as well as fun jokes and stories with one another.

“While having a jowa on Valentine’s is the ‘ideal condition,’ I don’t think you necessarily have to have [one] to be happy on Valentine’s, because you [can] spend it with friends or family.” 

As per the words of Antonio, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love as a whole, and there’s nothing wrong with spending it single.



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