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SB19’s Pablo drops new single ‘Akala’ with brother Josue 

by Joshua Gerona

Following the success of their rap-rock single Determinado, SB19 leader Pablo and Josue of Radkidz are back with another banger song Akala, under Sony Music Entertainment. 

Photo courtesy: Sony Music

‘Akala’ showcases the duo’s perspectives on alcohol consumption, agreeing that alcohol will never be the answer to problems. 

According to Pablo, the new track was conceived during the pandemic when his brother Josue made him listen to one of his beats with a verse about finding an escape in getting wasted. 

“I asked him if I could also write my verse in the song and tweak some parts, and he agreed. I didn’t want the song to just be about getting wasted, so I thought of a way to introduce my perspective through rearranging the letters of ‘alak’ and that’s how ‘Akala’ materialized. My mother also pitched in a line in the song and it made more sense,” he said. 

The track blends hip-hop sound with trap beats and atmospheric production. Pablo wrote most of the lyrics, wanting to make the song easy to listen to by many people. 

In a press release, the SB19 main vocalist and rapper revealed that ‘Akala’ is a song that deviates from his previous releases. 

“Everything that I have released so far features intense and heavy instrumentation, but ‘Akala’ follows a completely different direction this time around. It has a more laid-back, dreamy vibe to it,” shared Pablo. 

Akala’ is available now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. 



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