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Pinterest predicts 2023 millennial and Gen Z trends

by Leila Salaverria

PINTEREST, an image sharing and social media platform, knows what millennials and Gen Zs will like in 2023. Or so it claims.

It has released “Pinterest Predicts,” which it calls “a window into the future” as people use the site to plan their next moves. 

“This means that we know what’s next. In fact, for the last three years, 80% of our report predictions came true,” it said.

The trends come from global Pinterest search data comparing the analysis period of September 2020 to September 2022.

Pinterest said its report is based on data, rigorous analysis and evaluation by its team, and its trends sustain monthly growth for 21 percent longer than other trends on the internet. 

Pinterest reported in February that it has some 431 million users worldwide. 

Femme fashion

For 2023, airy styles will be in, according to Pinterest. Fashion will be “femme for all.” It will consist of lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer for everyone, based on searches from millennials and Gen Zs. 

“‘Ruffle shirt for men’ and ‘sheer trouser outfit’ are just two examples of this floaty trend,” it said.

Futuristic fit 

Pinterest also predicts the rise of sci-fi-inspired fashion next year. It sees dystopian outfits and futuristic fits consisting of cyber streetwear and gamer girl styles.

Romcom looks

Another fashion trend that Pinterest sees is Romcom core, or looks inspired by romantic comedies from the 2000s. Get ready for slip dresses, tube tops, cargos, and claw clips.

Two-toned hair 

When it comes to hair color, Gen Zs and millennials won’t stick to one this year. Pinterest sees “Gemini hair,” or two-toned hair, taking off more than ever. This trend mixes natural hues with bright colors.

Beauty will go short 

Beauty looks will go for the short and the small. Short French manicures will be in, as well as short braids and chopped bangs. 

“In 2023, small beauty gets its big break. It’s goodbye to so long,” Pinterest said. 

New date spots 

Dating for Gen Zs will no longer be the usual dinner and movie. They will go for experiential outings such as bookshop nights, museum dates, and aquarium adventures. 

“Because who needs ‘dinner and movie’ when you have ‘bookshop and manatee’?” Pinterest said.

Rave culture

Coming from two years of lockdown, millennials and Gen Zs will be taking over night clubs, warehouses, and house parties all over the world. Trends are up for techno style, rave fashion, and house music outfits.  

Fringe benefit

Fringes will be seen in various looks. It will be seen in dresses, jackets, and even wedding dresses,

This fringe will be haute!

Artsy moves

Millennials and Gen Zs will be turning to creative activities as an alternative to talk therapy. These include expressive art, journalling, and music therapy. 

Hot hobbies 

Gen Zs and boomers will be using their hands for leisure activity. Pinterest said paper crafts would make a comeback, and Gen Zs and boomers would turn to quilling, origami, and paper art. 

Wedding colors 

Weddings this year won’t be something blue, as Pinterest sees burnt orange dominating the aisle. 

It said hues of terracotta, copper, and burnt sienna would be seen when couples tie the knot. It will be in various details, from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses. This is based on searches by millennials and Gen X members.

Unconventional rooms 

Rooms’ designs will be far from normal this year. Gen Zs, as well as boomers, will showcase “weirdcore design, mushroom decor, and fantasy art,” according to Pinterest.

Train to wherever

Millennials and Gen Zs are expected to take to train travel in 2023. It offers quicker boarding, more leg room, scenic views, and a lower carbon footprint. 

“Trends such as interrailing around Europe, train quotes and train travel aesthetic are trending way up,” Pinterest said.

Primal fitness

Getting fit next year will be anti-tech. Millennials and Gen X will be turning to primitive, anti-tech workouts, and Pinterest sees them searching for “primal movement” and “neck hump exercises.”

Super seaweed

Ocean-based food and minerals are becoming popular among millennials and Gen X because of their health benefits, said Pinterest. 

Green algae, nori, and seaweed snacks, staples in many Asian cultures, are trending up, it said. 

Gender neutral 

Young moms and dads are seen practicing gender-neutral parenting in 2023.

“Searches among Gen Z and Millennials show a desire to break down the binary as they bring up the next generation,” Pinterest said. 

Supporting parents 

Millennials will also be looking for ways to support parents’ postnatal needs. They have been searching for gifts and essentials to give new moms and dads, according to Pinterest.

 Banner photo credit: Dima Solomin on Unsplash



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