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Philippines’ dry season begins

by Carl Santos

THE Philippines’ dry season has officially started. 

State weather bureau PAGASA on Friday declared the termination of the Northeast Monsoon (Amihan), which is associated with cool weather, and the start of the dry season. 

PAGASA cited the ”apparent weakening” of Amihan, a gradual shift in the wind pattern from northeasterly to easterly, and an increase in the air temperature over most parts of the country.

“In the coming months, the number of dry and warm days across the country will continue to increase, although isolated thunderstorms are also likely to occur, usually in the afternoon or evening,” it said.

The country is still experiencing the effects of El Niño, a naturally occurring phenomenon linked to less rainfall and drier conditions.

”With the ongoing El Niño, significant reductions from normal rainfall or drier-than-usual conditions [are] likely to continue, which may [have] negative impacts (such as dry spells and droughts) in most areas of the country. The different climate-sensitive sectors, such as water resources, agriculture, energy, health, public safety, and other key sectors in the country, may continue to be adversely affected,” PAGASA said.

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