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Park Bo Ram dies at 30 

by Deanna Macaranas

SOUTH KOREAN singer Park Bo Ram dies passed away on Tuesday (April 11) as confirmed by her agency, Xanuda Entertainment.  

In a statement released by Soompi on April 12, the singer suddenly passed away on the evening of April 11. The cause is yet to be unknown as her cause of death is still under investigation by the police. 

“It’s true that Park Bo Ram died on Aprill 11,” the agency wrote. “The cause of death is currently being investigated by the police.

In 2010, Park Bo Raom was a contestant on the show “Superstar K2,” where she was victorious in top 8. 

In 2014, she debuted her official first solo track titled, “Beautiful.” 

Some of Park Bo Ram’s top songs include “Hyehwadong,” and “Please say something even though it is a lie.” 

Last February, she released a duet track titled, “I Hope,” with fellow South Korean singer Huh Gak. At the time of her death, she was preparing for a comeback to celebrate 10th debut anniversary. 



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