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Nightlife: a beacon of hope and freedom for the new generation

While most of us take a rest or sleep once the night falls, some people gear up to tread the path to their dreams.

The night becomes an avenue for these people to perform things they are passionate about. 

Nightlife are those social activities that take place at night to provide pleasure and entertainment for people who want to temporarily escape from the harsh reality of the world. 

People visit bars, nightclubs, theaters, and even restaurants to have fun and meet new people after a stressful day at work or school. 

But more than mere entertainment, some of us take part in nightlife to seek freedom in honing a version of ourselves that is more authentic, carefree, and creative. 

And four people from the new generation are just among those who see nightlife as a perfect platform for achieving dreams and embracing new identities: 

The pink skater 

For a 28-year old Saku, nightlife has given her the opportunity to escape from the stresses of the world by sliding wheels on feet during the night. Wearing pink outfits often, skating allows her to meet new friends and build a community that shares the same interests and aspirations in life. 

The student fliptop-rapper

Hespero, an alias he used as a battle rapper, discovers his poetic yet aggressive self in nightlife whenever he wittingly plays with words in a fliptop battle. 

The passionate DJ 

Playing with beats on the dance floor is what makes the life of DJ Kobeast more meaningful. He finally finds direction in life by pursuing one thing that only the nightlife can offer: DJing. 

The drag queen 

A student by day, Eliza transforms into a splendid queen with colorful outfits at night to embrace her identity by performing the wonderful art of drag. 

Exploring new generation’s scene

While nighttime seems a little bit unusual to be a space for the new generation to explore, it somehow serves as a second home for some who have been looking for freedom and enjoyment. 

These young people have dreams that shine bright the most every time the sun gets shy in parading its lights. 

For them, the true journey begins at night. 

The true challenge comes when the light fades out. 

The true self emerges like a dazzling comet during the nightlife. 

The night is no longer a part of darkness. Rather, it becomes a beacon that lights up the way for these rising stars to finally achieve what they want in life. 



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