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Netizens weigh in after Francis Magalona’s alleged daughter surfaced

by Deanna Macaranas

NETIZENS made various reactions after a woman named Abigail Rait claimed in the YouTube show ‘’Pinoy Pawnstars’’ that she has a daughter with the late rapper Francis Magalona.

The video showed Rait selling Magalona’s old jersey. She claimed that she remained quiet about her and her daughter, Gaile Francesca. 

The 15-year-old stated that she didn’t want to sell the jersey at first.

“Nung una po, ayaw ko po pero na-realize ko rin po na kung nasa bahay lang po siya or nakatago lang po siya sa closet, I felt na mas better po siya if prineserve since may story din po ‘yung jersey na po na ‘yun,” she said. 

Gaile Francesca was only 6 months old when Magalona died of leukemia in 2009. 

As the video went viral, netizens were quick to post their reactions regarding the revelation.  

An X user stated how she felt weird watching the video revealing Magalona’s extramarital affair. 

Courtesy: twitter.com / @JoselKnow

An X user asked why some people are normalizing cheating. 

Courtesy: twitter.com / @alexgeneta 

Another netizen expressed how she feels whenever she hears Gaile Francesca rapping Magalona’s songs. 

Twitter.com /@parkjawnseong

Courtesy: @snoozywanderer 

An X user speculated that the revelation could be used for clout-chasing. 

Courtesy: twitter.com / @archimevek 

Courtesy: twitter.com / @kdramaramapop20 

Meanwhile, another user talked about allegations of abuse committed by Magalona’s son Elmo against Janella Salvador. 

Courtesy: twitter.com /@kimnellaliz

A netizen questioned why people are still hating on Magalona despite him being ‘’no longer here.’’

Twitter.com / @jrcltmq

Gaile Francesca said in an interview on 24 Oras Weekend last Saturday that she was not affected by the comments about her. 

“I don’t mind the comments po kasi I know the story, and so no comment na lang po ako roon. Basta I know the story, that’s why I’m not affected at all. And also my family.” 

She then reiterated that, “All I know is that I am my father’s daughter.” 



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