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Netizens poke fun at Turing Quinto’s resemblance to Cherry Pie Picache

by Deanna Macaranas

THE resemblance is uncanny.  

Courtesy: facebook.com / @ABS-CBN 

ABS-CBN recently had a glamorous event and as usual—everyone looked amazing. 

However, a picture of award-winning actress Cherry Pie Picache had caught the attention of many netizens. Many are quick to point out the resemblance between Filipino drag queen Turing Quinto and the actress.   

The numerous tags caught the attention of Turing Quinto, prompting her to ask fans to stop tagging her. 

Courtesy: facebook.com / @Turing Quinto  

Despite being a good sport, Turing Quinto couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed about it. 

Meanwhile, Picache has not commented yet on the matter.  

Turing Quinto is one of the contestants in the first season of ‘’Drag Race Philippines.’’



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