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MOMOLAND says goodbye after 6 years

by Joyce Remo

IT has been a sad Valentine’s for Merries all over the world.

South Korean girl group MOMOLAND announced on Tuesday, February 14, that its members will be going their separate ways.

The members bid their farewell through hand-written letters posted on Instagram.

This announcement came after their entertainment label, MLD Entertainment, revealed that all six members of the band failed to renew their contract.

Through their personal Instagram accounts, Hyebin, Nancy, Jane, JooE, Nayun, JooE, and Ahin posted hand-written messages written in Korean and English to address the group’s disbandment.

‘Long and serious discussions’

The members apologized to their fans, who are called Merries, for the late announcement of the news.

According to them, they decided not to renew their contract with MLD after a long and serious discussion.

“After a long, deep discussion, the six of us members have decided to support each other to have a great new beginning going forward,” the group wrote.

But despite the disbandment, the members promised fans that MOMOLAND will remain as a team as they strive to take their own paths and pursue their dreams.

Photo courtesy: MOMOLAND on Instagram (@momoland_official)

Hyebin, Nancy, Jane, JooE, Nayun, JooE, and Ahin also thanked Merries for being there for them throughout their careers as idols.

“We sincerely thank our beloved Merries for providing us with precious memories and being by our side for the last seven years,” the members said.

“Our Merries have been everything to us and always will be,” they added.

At the end of the letter, the MOMOLAND members asked fans to continue to support each individual’s activities moving forward.

Fans react

While many fans were saddened by the disbandment news, Merries also took to social media platforms to thank the girls for the wonderful music they made during their career.

Some fans also paid tribute to the group by remembering their best stage performances and hit songs.


The group debuted in November 2016. Original members Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy emerged as winners of the reality talent show Finding MOMOLAND under MLD Entertainment.

Photo courtesy: MLD Entertainment | MOMOLAND

In 2017, the group expanded to nine members by adding Daisy and Taeha. However, Taeha left two years later with Yeonwoo. Daisy followed their departure in 2020.

MOMOLAND gained international fame due to hit songs BAAM and BBoom BBoom that broke records and topped several charts domestically and internationally.



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