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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Marcos reaffirms One China policy after Taiwan greeting

by Carl Santos

PRESIDENT Ferdinand Marcos Jr. defended his decision to congratulate Taiwan’s next leader while also reiterating the Philippines’ commitment to the One China policy.

Marcos’ greeting to Taiwanese president-elect Lai Ching-te last week earned the ire of China, with its foreign ministry describing it as a ”serious violation of the One China Principle” and a ”gross interference in China’s internal affairs.”

China had also summoned the Philippine ambassador to explain Marcos’ remarks.

“Common courtesy” is how Marcos described sending greetings to Lai in an interview with GMA Integrated News on Tuesday.

”Noong naging Presidente ako binati ako, so what do you do? It was common courtesy that you do the same for them. That’s really where it came from,” Marcos said.

He also said that the One China policy ”remains in place.”

”We have adhered to the One China policy strictly and conscientiously since we adopted it, and that has not changed. That will not change. We are not endorsing Taiwanese independence. Taiwan is a province of China, but the manner in which they will be brought together again is an internal matter,” he said.

China considers the democratic island a part of its territory and has vowed to seize it by force if necessary.

Beijing does not maintain diplomatic ties with countries that recognize Taiwan and opposes official communications with Taipei by foreign powers.



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