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Manila Post Office to be part of the tourism destination in Manila  

by Deanna Macaranas

ALONGSIDE with the Metropolitan Theater and Intramuros, the Manila Post Office will be part of Manila’s tourism circuit once restored.   

This was based on the announcement last Sunday, as the building of the Manila Post office has experienced a lot throughout its 96 years of existence and as part of history, it is set to be part of the tourism destination in the country’s capital. 

According to Philpost Postmaster General Luis Carlos, Philpost is currently working with the National Historical Commission–along with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, The Department of Tourism, The City of Manila, and other agencies to restore the building.

The Manila Post Office was damaged by the fire outburst that happened last May of last year.  

According to BFP, the fire is caused by self-discharge of car battery. This results in thermal run-away—causing a sudden buildup of pressure ans heat which eventually causes an explosion. 

Before the restoration begins–the building is currently going through a detailed architectural and engineering study to find out whether the building will still hold.  

Once the restoration comes to an end—the post office will form part of Manila’s historic tourism circuit. 



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