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LOOK: Photos that prove Bea Alonzo is one happy farm girl

by Izel Abanilla

Recently updated on January 30, 2023 02:17 pm

ACTRESS Bea Alonzo isn’t just a fantastic actress, she too is a wise businesswoman and one happy farm girl. 

After two decades in the industry, Alonzo has become one of the most bankable and successful stars of all time, hands down. While only she and her manager Shirley Kuan are the only ones who know exactly how much she’s worth, it is no secret that she is one highly-priced talent.

A quick google search of “Bea Alonzo net worth” would reveal results like USD 6 million or roughly Php 300 million based on current exchange with some assuming that her per taping rate is about Php 250,000. But even without exact official numbers, her numerous teleseryes, movie projects, brand endorsements and investment deals sure make Alonzo a multi-millionaire, if not a billionaire.

As so as one of the highest paid actresses, she made sure to place her money in the right investments hence, meriting her the capability to own various properties even in her early 20’s. And so at only 35, Alonzo now owns a dream home, a newly-acquired Madrid, Spain apartment and yes, a vast farm in Zambales. 

Introducing Beati Firma.

Beati Firma, which means “Blessed Farm” in Latin, is not just like your typical vast lands and sprawling greens. The 16-hectare land is a sustainable farm operating entirely organic produce. 

As featured on her two-part vlog episode titled “Welcome to our Farm,” the “One More Chance” star shared that she first acquired the land in 2011 through the help of veteran actress Isabel Rivas who likewise owns and operates a nearby farm also in the province called Paradise Farm. 

Among the many things grown and produced in her property are Mahogany trees, Mango trees, Calamansi trees, even livestock, poultry and a little bit of fish.

From time to time, the 35-year-old actress makes sure she spends a peaceful moment in nature as a break from her busy life. 

Let’s take a look at Alonzo’s Beati Firma and her happy farm life. 

  1. Happy farm girl

Nothing can be more ultimately fulfilling than manifesting your dreams into reality. Alonzo is one proof that humble beginnings don’t have to last your lifetime. As they say, beyond fear lies your desires just waiting for you to make them happen. 

Take your inspiration from Alonzo; never give up as your best life is just ahead. 

  1. Farm perfect 

Whether aerial, side or any view, Beati Firma indeed looks like a real-life FarmVille. See how the trees are perfectly lined and spaced? 

Alonzo herself said in her farm tour vlog that she and her mother had intentionally carefully designed the placement of the trees both for function and aesthetics.

  1. Mahogany haven 

One defining produce of her farm is her 5000 Mahogany trees which practically surrounds the entire perimeter of her property. Unlike other farm products that are regularly sourced, trees actually take years before they can be harvested. 

As of the moment, Alonzo’s Mahogany trees are about eight years old, still fairly young before they reach full maturity of about 20 to 25 years. Yes, wood farming is not exactly a venture with quick return of investment. But the actress and her mom thought these could be very sound assets when they intend to commercially produce raw hardwood in the future.

“They are 8-years old now, as you can see medyo manipis pa siya, ibig sabihin baby pa siya but they’re actually good investments because in the future bibilhin siya ng mga furniture designers for a very very good price and actually aesthetically ang ganda niya rin tignan,” she said.

  1. Farm home

Yes, Beati Firma too has a beautifully constructed house for their entire family. Interestingly, each room in the house is named after her mom, Mary, her nephew Santiago and every girl’s go to character, Basha. 

  1. Mountain solace 

What ultimately adds to the arresting appeal of Beati Firma is that it is directly facing the majestic view of the mountains, something not all farms have. 

What a sight. 

“From our fence, makikita niyo ‘yung view of the mountains and the beautiful cows that we have. Meron palang time of the day na nadun lang sila sa isang area and then tuwing hapon nandito na sila,” she said.

  1. Cows

Apart from their soil products, Alonzo’s family too grows a significant number of cows which freely roam around the entire farm. 

Alonzo also said she is proud to say that the size of her farm is ideal for grazing cows free.

“I like how our farm is actually the perfect size for the number of cows that we have kasi hindi sila nagaagawan sa pagkain,” she said.

  1. Pigs 

Also as a key feature of Beati Firma, everything is strictly organic especially when it comes to their fertilizers and livestock feeds. For their pigs, they only feed them darak or powdered husk from cereals and grains. So far, pigs in Alonzo’s farm are still being bred and are not commercially available yet. 

“Pinaparami pa lang namin sila,” she said.

Did we say organically-fed pigs are the best quality pigs? 

“I’m very proud to say that we have an organic farm, we don’t do feeds, we don’t do antibiotics, we also don’t do sprays and pesticides. We do’t use them for our farms, so it’s actually all natural,” she said.

Introducing the three little pigs, Sang, Gyup and Sal taking reference to Samgyeopsal or grilled pig in Korean. 

Very delectable. 

  1. Ducks 

Meet her ducks, Bibe Cream and Bibe Ko. 

Isn’t that sweet? 

  1. Sheep

They too are populating sheep which are likewise fed with darak and left-over vegetables. Very healthy! 

  1. Solar-powered lights 

When it gets dark at night, these solar-powered lamps light up the entire farm. 

“Kahit na gabi, kapag pumasok ka sa farm namin maliwanag siya and what’s nice is that it’s sustainable, we don’t need to pay for electricity just to light up the entire place,” she said.

“At night, automatically ‘pag dumilim, mag-on na silang lahat. I’m glad that my mom was able to invest in those lights,” she said.

  1. Mango trees 

Beati Firma too has a vast mango plantation that looks aesthetically perfect from all angles. 

“‘Yung mga Mango trees namin sa side na ‘to kung saan nandito ‘yung mga baka, trimmed ‘yung ilalim niya kasi kinakain nila hanggang dun sa abot nila. Mas muka siyang manicured pero natural,” she said.

  1. Calamansi trees

Planted in between the Mango trees are their Calamansi trees which the fruits are, according to her, sold widely around the area. 

  1. Dhoy, the farm manager

A farm sure would not run without a trusty manager to make sure everything is in check. 

Meet Dhoy, Alonzo’s farm caretaker and manager who has worked for Beati Firma for about eight years now.

  1. Farm wagons

You simply couldn’t walk throughout the entire farm, you would need a farm wagon/cart to get you from places to places. 

Basha sure prefers driving in nature the whole day than in Manila traffic, right? 

  1. Nipa Hut

Farm life of course would not be complete without a classic bahay kubo (Nipa hut) that could really function as a living quarters for her people. 

This too was handmade by Dhoy. 

  1. Farm court

Did we mention Beati Firma also has a basketball court? 

Yes, the farm is also sports enthusiast-friendly which serves as a bonding place for her and her cousins whey they visit. 

“At least ‘pag nandito kami meron din kaming ibang activities, hindi lang kami kakain or matutulog,” she said.

It can also be a volleyball or a badminton court. What’s good about it according to Alonzo is that even at night it can be used because it is surrounded by solar lights. 

  1. Tree house and fish pond 

This simple yet beautiful tree house overlooks the entire farm.

Alonzo said that when they purchased the property, the tree on which the house is built is the only thing in the property. It was however cut because snakes are already infesting. And so to solve the problem, they opted to cut it but left its base. They eventually turned whatever is left from it to a center table and built a tree house around it.

They also have a pond which looks like a pool with a bridge built over it. They use if for tilapia farming. 

“Normally dito din kami kumukuha ng mga fish na i-se-serve namin to make it more sustainable,” she said.

We want to learn how to really take care of the fishes,” she added.

To make their farm life more sustainable, Alonzo makes sure they get practically everything they need from their backyard including fish. 

  1. Beautiful farm girl

Farm life indeed suits her as she obviously glows in the sun’s beams amidst the sprawling greens. 

  1. Picnic by the greens 

Nothing can get more relaxing than resting on the ground just under a shady tree, kissed by wind while closed in the vast greens with majestic mountain views. Top it off by eating by hand and just being one with nature. 

This is life. 

  1. Modern farm living 

Now it’s time to see her beautiful farm home that’s shaping up to be everybody’s dream property. Her house, right in the middle of the farm, takes a laid back modern but rustic twist that brings in the ultimate relaxing feels. 

According to the actress, the house was specifically designed with wide spaces and an open entrance because the family wants to eat al fresco and appreciate nature. 

Plus, her far home too offers a marvelous view of the mountains and nothing can beat that. 

“‘Yun talagang bahay, we designed it so that we can spend a lot of time outside because we want to eat Al Fresco and gusto rin namin to appreciate ‘yung view ng mountains because from here [front porch] I think, it has the best view of the mountains,” she said.

  1. Vintage water pump

Greeting you in Alonzo’s home is a classic vintage water pump which she purposely looked for because she wants to give her home a signature countryside living feel. 

Plus, it gives her some sort of nostalgia because the house she used to live in back in Taguig had one. 

  1. Mini breakfast nook 

For a laid back morning eat, Alonzo had a mini breakfast nook made adorned with fresh flowers in the middle to give that relaxing vibe. 

  1. Kitchen 

Just as it is all nature outside, it is modern, sleek and stylish inside. Her kitchen, especially during holidays, is busy with a lot of cooking and family bonding. 

  1. Al Fresco dining

One of her mom’s first projects is the outdoor dining just beside their home which is adjacent too with their dirty kitchen. 

“That’s what’s nice about having a farm kasi you continuously develop the property and parang when you look back to the times when you were just starting parang ang sarap niyang balikan as if you’ve achieved something,” she said.

  1. Tita Bea

Basha too is one loving Tita to her nephew Santy, son of his brother James.

  1. James’ home 

Her brother too has permanently settled in their farm in Zambales and has built a home with his wife and family there. 

  1. House of Mary 

The property’s main house is aptly called “House of Mary” which is a “small” home as she describes where she and her mom stay. 

  1. Living room

A quick look at the living room gives off that relaxing feel because of it lovely rustic design. This is so because Alonzo said she made sure every element in the entire area would exude a feeling of coziness. 

“I really made sure that everything that’s placed in it talagang dapat very very comfortable,” she said.

  1. Bea’s room 

With the view of the farm and the mountains ahead, Alonzo’s room is the ultimate sleeping haven. Designed with wood furniture, its rustic feel takes away all worries and pains and simply gives you the peace you deserve. 

Alonzo said she considers herself very lucky to wake up with this kind of view every morning which reminds herself how lucky and blessed she is. 

“Tong farm na ‘to really serves as my sanctuary whenever I’m feeling down I just come here to feel rejuvinated and realize that I am very lucky,” she said.

  1. Mom’s room

Alonzo’s mom’s room too is a simple but relaxing room where everything else too is custom-made except for a chair the actress bought as a gift for her mom.

  1. Happiness glow

Happiness indeed looks good on her. 

  1. Harvest time

Beati Firma also grows various crops. In one episode of her vlog, Alonzo showed their harvest time at the farm which she and her family enjoys well. 

Who said harvesting can be this beautiful? 

Photo credits: Photos screen grabbed from Bea Alonzo’s YouTube channel, “Welcome to our Farm house” episodes 1 & 2.



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