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LOOK: Elisse Joson hails a motor taxi to escape holiday traffic

by Izel Abanilla

Kapamilya actress Elisse Joson had netizens clapping over her decision to ride a motor taxi to avoid Christmas traffic. 

In an Instagram video, Joson showed herself with a helmet on and enjoying her first ever motor taxi ride. 

“Just finished with work and first time mag joyride, literal joy ride pala talaga lalo na kapag gabi,” she said. 

(Screen grabbed from @elissejosonn Instagram)

Netizens loved how Joson chose to be more practical instead of using her car and be stuck for hours in Christmas traffic. 

Also, netizens and patrons of motor taxis highlighted that besides being faster, the ride is also much cheaper than bookings of four-seater cars. 

Image: Elisse Joson via @elissejosonn Instagram



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