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Local sunscreen recommendation for beginners

by RepublicAsia

Sunscreens play a crucial element in skincare routines, enhancing skin health and shielding it from the sun’s harmful UV rays, a vital step in preventing skin cancer. Moreover, Filipinos may need to fully grasp the significance of sunscreen application beyond swimming occasions and the extreme heat the summer season brings, providing public information on its important role in self-care. 

However, the varieties may overwhelm new users as sunscreens vary in texture, suitability for different skin types, finishes, and ingredients. Using an inappropriate sunscreen for your skin needs may lead to discomfort. 


Furthermore, sunscreens contain SPF and PA ratings. Essentially, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures the sunscreen’s effectiveness in shielding the skin from UVB rays, whereas PA (Protection Grade of UVA) evaluates its defense against UVA rays. UVA (Ultraviolet A) rays can penetrate deeper into the skin and are linked to skin aging, while UVB (Ultraviolet B) damages the outermost layers of the skin rays can result in skin damage like sunburn.

Another concern arises from the initial introduction of sunscreens in the Filipino market, mainly featuring international brands, perpetuating the notion that international products are better. Encouraging the consumption of local sunscreen brands not only promotes growing Filipino brands but also emphasizes their potential and competitiveness with well-known international products. 


Liquid Sunscreen

This usual type of sunscreen comes in lotion or gel form, offering either a matte or glowy finish. The market now includes options with tints catering to various skin tones, appealing particularly to makeup enthusiasts.

This type of sunscreen is perfect for people who wear make-up and don’t want to put too much product on their face. Sunscreens serve as a moisturizer and a base for make-up as it offers both sun protection and coverage for skin ”imperfections”.

This option tends to be budget-friendly compared to other sunscreen types as the market offers numerous brands of this type.

Local Brand Recommendations for Liquid Sunscreen:

Belo: Sun Expert

Photo Courtesy: @belosunexpert | Instagram

  • Sun Expert Face Sunscreen
  • Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen

You could never go wrong with Belo. They are one of the most well-known local brands that offer various products for our skin needs. For sunscreens, they have five existing liquid sunscreens as of the moment. But the two products listed above are the best options for beginners and those on a budget but still getting the protection and coverage their skin demands. Sun Expert Face includes SPF 40 and PA +++ while the Tinted Sunscreen has SPF 50 PA ++++.

Luxe Organix

Photo Courtesy: @luxeorganixph | Instagram

  • UV Pro Whitening Pure Mineral Sunscreen
  • Perfecting UV Tint Color Adjusting Sunscreen

One of the well-established brands in the Philippine market, this brand has products catered for hair and skin care. They hear what people tell them about what they need, and they always listen! The mineral sunscreen claims to give an instant light effect packed with SPF 47 PA +++ while the tinted hybrid one provides skin-like coverage with SPF 50 50 PA +++ without feeling heavy on the skin. 


Photo Courtesy: @barefacedphofficial | Instagram

  • Sunkissed Illuminating Sunscreen

This newly introduced addition to the Philippine market claimed that this sunscreen performs as excellent as other well-established brands on a budget! Barefaced changed the skincare game when it released this sunscreen that claims to give maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays in the sun with its SPF 50+ PA+++. What makes this different from other sunscreen that serve the same purpose? Its retail price remains lower than Php 300.00.

Sunsticks (sunscreen stick)

This pocket-friendly sunscreen option offers protection, coverage, and convenience all at the same time. Some sunsticks contain primer that helps minimize the pores’ appearance, which is also ideal for a makeup base. Though slightly pricier compared to liquid sunscreens due to limited options in the market, sunsticks offer easy application and reapplication, particularly convenient for makeup wearers due to their sheer texture.

Local Brand Recommendations for Sunsticks:

Hello Glow (by Ever Bilena)

Photo Courtesy: @helloglowofficial | Instagram

  • Sun Care Stick

It’s no surprise that this product got the recognition it deserves. Hello Glow was the first local brand to release SPF test results for all their sun care protection products according to Denice Sy, the marketing officer of Ever Bilena Cosmetics and the brand founder of Hello Glow. The sun care stick includes SPF 60 + and PA ++ catered for people who want extra protection without intense greasiness.

Luxe Organix

Photo Courtesy: @luxeorganixph | Instagram

  • Zero Shine Invisible Screen

Luxe Organix strengthened its name in the market when it launched its 4th sun care product. Their sunstick has SPF 50 PA+++ which is perfect for everyday and on-the-go use, considering its small size and compactibility.

Belo Sunstick

Photo Courtesy: @belosunexpert | Instagram

  • Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Stick

The newest member of the #BeloSunExpert family. Belo introduces the Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Stick  – which claims to be perfect for seamless reapplication in the best way possible. The product offers SPF 50 and PA++++, providing gentle yet utmost sun protection.

These products represent only a few of the local sunscreen brands available in the Philippine market. As more brands come up with sun protection products to cater to the specific demands of the Philippine climate and skin needs, this marks just the initial phase of effectively educating the public about the long-term significance of sunscreen in protecting our skin.

With reports from Louisse A. Kalingag


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